Small Wars Journal

2/9/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 02/09/2023 - 9:14am

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National Security News Content:

1. Untangling the Gordian Knot that is Irregular Warfare
3. Exposing the Chinese Spy Balloon Fleet
4. In Its Push for an Intelligence Edge, China’s Military Turned to Balloons
5. Extended Deterrence, and Adjusting for the Multipolar Environment: The Way Forward
6.  Out of Alignment - What the War in Ukraine Has Revealed About Non-Western Powers
7. How a band of Ukraine civilians helped seal Russia's biggest defeat
8. Ukraine Can Achieve a Strategic Win over Russia. The West Must Step Up
9.  What Russia Got Wrong
10. China's Spy Balloon Proves the U.S. Homeland Is Vulnerable
11. New Futures Command chief shifts main effort to designing Army of 2040
12. The Somme in the Sky: Lessons from the Russo-Ukrainian Air War
13. Why it’s time to control the donkey trade
14. SpaceX didn't intend that Starlink be 'weaponized' by Ukraine: Shotwell

Korean News Content:

1. Kim Jong Un puts daughter front and center at lavish military banquet
2. North displays enough ICBM launchers to defeat U.S. missile defense
3. North Korea holds military parade to celebrate Korean People's Army
4. S. Korean team rescues 5 survivors in quake-hit Turkey
5. Panel points to major holes in South's cyber security
6. Shinzo Abe Book Criticizes Trump as Weak on North Korea
7. Kim Jong Un Stirs Up Loyalty of KPA Officers Ahead of Military Parade
8. Extended Deterrence, and Adjusting for the Multipolar Environment: The Way Forward
9. America Needs to Reassure Japan and South Korea
10. North Korea displays 'solid-fuel ICBM' at military parade
11. [PHOTOS] North Korea's army anniversary military parade
12. Korea at a crossroads on the 40th anniversary of Tokyo Declaration
13. Korean War POW who sued Kim Jong-un dies at 89
14. N. Korean military calls for efforts to prevent incidents between civilians and soldiers



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