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2/8/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 02/08/2023 - 8:26am

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National Security News Content:

1. Chinese balloon part of vast aerial surveillance program, U.S. says
2. Expert reveals biggest under-the-radar takeaway from Chinese spy flight crisis
3. China’s Balloon Could Be America’s Awakening
5. ‘We killed three Russians’: the secretive Ukrainian special forces taking the fight across the border
6. China has more ICBM launchers than US, senior general tells lawmakers
7. Voice of America needs a reboot
8. U.S.-China trade hit record in 2022 despite tensions
9. 13 thoughts China’s balloon (probably) had while floating over America
10.  "99 PLA Balloons" --An Update To A Cold War Classic by Peter W. Singer
11. Chinese Spy Balloon Spotlights CCP's Brazen Plot Against US
12. SASC chair to focus on reimagining how the military fights
13. Pentagon Breaks Through With Networked War....Drones, Ships, Stealth Jets & Tanks Will Attack Together
14. Why It Took So Damn Long To Shoot Down the Chinese Spy Balloon
15. US military not ready to deploy missiles to Japan, country’s defense ministry says
16. China’s Belt and Road objectives are shifting
17. China Hasn’t Given Up on the Belt and Road
18. Power in Asia: six surprising facts
19. Is Biden's Pentagon a warfighting organization? Amid China threat, you have to wonder
20. America’s Return to the Philippines Makes Sense
21. Alone and unafraid: How to prepare to fight and win the next war
22. What Tanks in Ukraine Tell Us About America in the Pacific

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korean leader visits barracks with his daughter to mark army founding anniv.
2. Yoon says previous administration relied on 'fake peace'
3. S. Korea, U.S., Japan to hold vice ministerial meeting in Washington next week
4. Voice of America needs a reboot
5. N. Korean leader sends condolences to Syria over quake
6. S. Korean team arrives in quake-stricken Turkey to help search, rescue operations
7. North Korea gives clearest sign yet that tweenager is heir apparent
8. Invincible Korean People's Army
9. Understanding Kim Jong Un’s Economic Policymaking: Foreign Trade Narrative
10. The possibly dangerous direction of North Korean economic policy
11. N. Korea establishes ‘Missile General Bureau’
12. South Korea’s leader calls for unified national security by military, police, government
13. Do Ukraine, Taiwan and South Korea All Need Nuclear Weapons?
14. Kim Jong Un puts daughter front and center at lavish military banquet
15. North Korean leader Kim brings daughter to visit troops



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