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24 August Evening Libya News Roundup

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 8:12pm

Libya News Update:

Libyan Rebels Continue Holding Tripoli - VOA

Rebels Set Gadhafi Bounty as Tripoli Fighting Goes On - WSJ

Rebels: $1.6m Bounty for 'Sick with Power' Gaddafi - SMH

Battle in East Rages On as Gaddafi Holdouts Fight Back - TT

Rebels Hunt Qaddafi; Journalists in Hotel Are Free - NYT

Journalists Freed as Gaddafi Hunt Continues - WP

Rebels Continue Battle; Kadafi Still Missing - LAT

Rebels Pushing to Secure Tripoli - BBC

Libyan Rebels Hunt Gadhafi, Try to Secure Capital - AP

UK SAS Leads Hunt for Gaddafi On the Ground - TT

Gadhafi Still an Elusive Target - TS

Price on Gaddafi's Head as Fighting Goes On - Reuters

Can the ICC Successfully Try Qaddafi? - CSM

Burkina Faso Offers Gaddafi Exile - Reuters

Qatar Hopes for Returns After Backing Libyan Winners - Reuters

Journalists Say They Are Freed From Tripoli Hotel - AP

Rebel Leaders Promise Elections Next Year - TT

4 Italian Journalists Abducted in Libya - AP

World Powers Consider Next Move With Libya - VOA

US to Ask UN Council to Unfreeze Libyan Assets - AP

UN Security Council Eyes Unfreezing Libyan Assets - AP

France Vows to Help Libyans as Long as Needed - Reuters

Rebels’ Equipment Includes at Least One Drone - NYT

Rebels Share Firepower as Snipers Menace Tripoli - Reuters

NATO Partnership in Libya Serves as Model, Panetta Says - AFPS

Could NATO's Libya Mission be its Last Hurrah? - CSM

Rebel Propaganda Helped Takeover of Gadhafi Site - AP

West Looks to Avoid Iraq Errors in Post-Gaddafi Libya - Reuters

What the Libya Rebels Learned from Iraq - CNN

New Libya Faces New Challenges - TS

Rebuilding Libya Poses Tough Challenges - Reuters

Lingering Gaddafi Networks Pose Threat - Reuters

'Die, Gadhafi': Libya's Embassies Abroad Defect - AP

What's the Deal with the New Libyan Flag? - CSM

Q&A: Gadhafi's Options, Future Scenarios, More - CNN

Latest Updates on the War in Libya - NYT