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22 July SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World – RCP


Afghan Refugees Leaving Pakistan for Home, But Little to Return To - S&S

Afghanistan Maps Natural Mineral Resources - VOA

NATO Says 3 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan - AP



Airstrikes Kill 15 Militants in Northwest Pakistan - Reuters

Bombing in Pakistan Militant Dispute Kills Nine - NYT

Pakistan Explosion 'Kills Nine' - BBC

Taliban Kill 10 in Attack on Rival in Pakistan - AP



Syrian Conflict Spreads to Commercial Capital - WP

Syria Fighting Spreads to Aleppo - VOA

Syria Presses to Regain Cities From Rebel Forces - NYT

Syria Revolt Reaches Aleppo; Rebels Target Cities - AP

Syrian Forces Fight Rebels in Damascus, Residents Flee - Reuters

Damascus Chaos Strikes Fear in Assad's Alawite Bastion - Reuters

Amid Violence, Syrians Race to Borders - CNN

Syrians Hold On to Optimism at a Tent City in Turkey - NYT

Stymied at UN, US Refines Plan to Remove Assad - NYT

US Says Closely Monitoring Syria Chemical Weapons - Reuters

Israel Official: Syria Protecting Chemical Arsenal - AP

Defector: Syria Moves Chemical Weapons Before Wider Offensive - Reuters

British Flotillas Prepared for Syria Evacuation - TT

Malaysia to Evacuate Students, Close Syria Embassy - AP

World Braces for Fallout from Syria - SMH editorial

How Long Can the Syrian Regime Last? - Economist editorial

Bet on More Violence in Syria - Slate opinion

Battle for Syria Is a Battle for the Mideast - Guardian opinion

What We Know, and Don't, About Syria - CNN opinion

Life During Wartime - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Voice of Authority Emerges From the Opposition in Yemen - NYT

Struggle Over What to Wear in Iran - WP

Militants Attack Gas Pipeline in Egypt's Sinai - AP

Egypt's Ex-Spy Chief Honored in Military Funeral - AP

Hold Iran Accountable for Terror - WP editorial

Israel’s Embattled Democracy - NYT editorial

The Mythical Islamist Tide - TNI opinion

The Muslim Brothers Worry the Saudis - FP opinion

So Much for Obama's "Asia Pivot" - WPR opinion


US Department of Defense

Carter Addresses Joint Strike Fighter Program - AFPS

US Air Force Instructor Convicted of Sexual Crimes - VOA

Lackland Instructor Sentenced 20 Years in Rape, Sex Assault Case - S&S


United States

US Presidential Election Takes Negative Turn - VOA

Police Disarm Bomb at Colorado Shooter's Home - VOA

Bomb Experts Disarm Suspect’s Rigged Apartment - WP

Colorado Attack May Have Been Planned for Months - CNN

Privacy Rights Violated by Intelligence Agencies, Official Says - WP

Officials Admit Surveillance has Crossed Legal Threshold at Times - AP


United Kingdom

Police Chief: No Plans for More Olympics Officers - CNN

Britain Will Be the Winner of the London Olympics - Telegraph editorial



UN Alarmed Over Sharp Rise in Grain Prices - VOA

Clintons, Laura Bush to Attend International AIDS Conference - VOA



US Drug War Expands to Africa, a Newer Hub for Cartels - WP

Pentagon Eyes Drones for Kenya to Fight Militants Nearby - Reuters

South Sudan Scraps Border Talks - BBC

S. Sudan Accuses Sudan of Bombing, Suspends Direct Talks - Reuters

US Cuts Military Aid to Rwanda - VOA

US Cutting Military Aid to Rwanda - Reuters

Famine Danger Continues in Parts of Somalia - VOA

Ethiopian Police Clash With Muslim Protesters - Reuters

What the Islamist Takeover in Mali Really Means - TNR opinion



Mexico Urges US to Review Gun Laws After Colorado Shooting - Reuters

Job Challenge Looms for Next Mexican President - Reuters

Indian Upheaval Bares Colombia's Nagging Conflict - AP

Chavez Says Election Rival and Romney Want to Subjugate Venezuela - Reuters

Venezuela Ends 20-day Prison Riot - BBC

US Pledge to Rebuild Haiti Not Being Met - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

Carter: US, Japan Both ‘Thinking Big’ on Strategy - AFPS

Carter: US to Work with Japan on V-22 Osprey Analysis - AFPS

Japan Probes Alleged Cover-Up at Nuclear Plant - AP

Japanese Company Offers Limited Chance to View MacArthur’s Office - S&S

Scandal, Economy, Unrest Mar China's Leader Change - AP

Purge of North Korean General Still a Mystery - CNN

Officials Turn Blind Eye as Religious Tensions Rise in Indonesia - NYT

Burma's Reformist President Visits Thailand - AP



US to Trainer-hungry Europe: ‘Our No. 1 Customer is Your Soldier’

Russian Activists Criticize Kremlin Over NGO Law - VOA

2 Russian Soldiers Killed in Ingushetia - AP

Who was the Bulgaria Suicide Bomber? - CNN

Festival in Italy Gives Residents Voice in Fight Against Mafia - NYT

Eurozone Crisis Saves Germany Tens of Billions - AP

Kurdish MPs Urge Turkey to Free Militant Leader - Reuters

Romanian President Urges Voters to Defeat 'Coup' - Reuters


South Asia

9 Die in Riots in India's Northeast - AP