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2011 Army Posture Statement

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 4:04pm
The 2011 Army Posture Statement was published on 2 March. The Army Posture Statement is the written testimony of the secretary of the Army and the chief of staff of the Army to Congress for the annual posture hearings. It informs Congress on the state of the Army and outlines the Army's compelling needs for Congress to consider when reviewing the President's budget for the following fiscal year. The Army Posture Statement also informs internal and external audiences about recent Army accomplishments and current initiatives. The online version of the Army Posture Statement includes 15 addenda which explain key programs and policies, including ARFORGEN, the Network and the Army Profession of Arms. It also contains over 270 information papers which provide details on important initiatives and activities.

One key quote from page 11: "Violent extremism in various forms will continue to constitute the most likely and immediate threat around the world. A more dangerous threat will come from emergent hybrid adversaries who combine the agility and flexibility of being an irregular and decentralized enemy with the power and technology of a nation state. These security challenges, in whatever form they are manifested, constitute the threat that the Army and our Nation will face for the foreseeable future."

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