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12/9/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 12/09/2023 - 2:32pm

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National Security News Content:

1. U.S. Vetoes Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Resolution at U.N. Security Council
2. US ally's "Christmas Convoy" sets sail to defy China's claims
3. How American Naval Power Enhances Its Diplomacy
4. Why Join the Military to Defend Everyone Except Americans?
5. Japan Is Destined to Have Nuclear Weapons
6. The Office That Henry Kissinger Built
7. Imagining the Future of Landpower
8. Israel-Hamas War: Biden Administration Bypasses Congress to Approve Sale of Tank Shells to Israel
9. 2035: Sino-American Détente
10. Opinion | Kissinger Was Right About China, and He Still Is
11. It’s Time to Reconsider U.S. Military Aid
12. The Climate Envoys Who Could
13. The Universities That Don’t Understand Academic Freedom

Korean News Content:

1. Activity at Najin Points to Continued DPRK-Russia Arms Transfers - Beyond Parallel
2. South Korea defense chief threatens strikes on 'heart and head' of North Korea if provoked
3. Nat'l security advisers of S. Korea, Japan discuss N.K. threat
4. N Korean ambassador in Geneva recalled over smuggling allegations: Report
5. North Korean factory workers in China to lose pay for product flaws
6. Japan Is Destined to Have Nuclear Weapons
7. 'Houses of torment' that hide North Korea's darkest secret
8. US, South Korea and Japan urge a stronger international push to curb North Korea's nuclear program
9. U.S., South Korea, Japan to step up actions on North Korea cyber threats
10. US Deals with Allies Signal Concerns Over China’s Disinformation Campaign
11. Why a North Korean Defector Is Denouncing the Ivy League
12. Global Turmoil And Rising Tensions On The Korean Peninsula: The Need For A Vital U.S.-South Korea Alliance
13. Kim Jong Un, Demographic Destiny, and DINKs