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12/8/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 12/08/2023 - 9:37am

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National Security News Content:

1. The UN secretary-general invoked 'Article 99' to push for a Gaza cease-fire. What exactly is it?
2. Ospreys had history of safety issues long before they were grounded
3. Ivy League presidents reckon with swift backlash to remarks on campus antisemitism
4. What books are US Army, congressmen reading?
5. Russia tricks US actors into appearing in propaganda videos
6. Chinese fighters, balloon cross Taiwan Strait a month before election
7. Palestinian Authority Working With US on Gaza Plan
8. US, Ukraine Officials Privately Say Counteroffensive Against Russia Has ‘Failed’ (Exclusive)
9. The CIA Sure Looks Busy
10. US Deals with Allies Signal Concerns Over China's Disinformation Campaign
11. Army employee charged with stealing $100 million from fund for military children
12. The NYT is wrong about Israeli intelligence
13. A Chinese Pearl Harbor-style attack could end America’s days as a superpower
14. Funding on ‘fumes:’ The Pentagon is nearly out of money to replace weapons sent to Ukraine
15. Congress Tells Army to Set Higher Fitness Standards for Combat Arms Soldiers
16. Large-Scale Combat Operations Will Bring New Medical Ethics Challenges
17. The Army-Navy Game example: A bitter rivalry and a common cause
18. Petraeus says Israel should try U.S.-style counterinsurgency in Gaza
19. The new world disorder by Robert D. Kaplan
20. Defending Democracy in an Age of Sharp Power (book review)

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. defense policy bill calls for maintaining 28,500 U.S. troops in Korea
2. N. Korea illegally running 30 S. Korean-owned facilities at Kaesong complex: Seoul
3. US, Japan agree on need to bolster deterrence over NK missile threats in security talks
4. ROK choppers spotted near DMZ after collapse of military deal with North Korea
5. US Deals with Allies Signal Concerns Over China's Disinformation Campaign
6. NK urges people to follow leader Kim Jong-un in climbing Mount Paektu
7. Hyundai Motor hires former US Ambassador to Korea Sung Kim as adviser
8. Propaganda & Agitation Department: Kim Jong-un Regime's Sword of Indoctrination (Video)
9. Seoul-Moscow ties likely stuck in limbo amid blame game
10. [INTERVIEW] Ex-NIS chief urges politicians to stop misusing spy agency
11. Korea, US tighten partnerships in chip, battery, AI
12. When the sheriff leaves town (US and implications for Korea)
13. S. Korea determined to become tourism powerhouse