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1/26/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/26/2024 - 10:38am

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National Security News Content:

1. Congressional Medal of Honor Society Announces Passing of Medal of Honor Recipient Roger H. C. Donlon
2. Oct. 7 Was Worse Than a Terror Attack. It Was a Pogrom.
3. U.S. Secretly Alerted Iran Ahead of Islamic State Terrorist Attack
4. China doesn't have the military power to successfully invade Taiwan, the majority of 52 US experts said in a survey
5. World Court to rule on measures against Israel in Gaza genocide case
6. Exclusive: China presses Iran to rein in Houthi attacks in Red Sea, sources say
7. Pentagon, under scrutiny, halts work with condemned foreign militaries
8. To deter China, the US and Taiwan should seek asymmetric symmetry
9. How one Army unit uses cheap drones and ChatGPT to train others in modern warfare
10. Marines Can't Count on Navy Ships to Carry Them to Global Emergencies, One of the Service's Top Generals Says
11. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 25, 2024
12. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 25, 2024
13. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, January 25, 2024
14. Ukraine’s Belarusian Legionnaires – Fighting for Freedom, No Way to Go Home
15. Today’s Challenges Cry Out for New Approaches to US Security
16. Hold, Build, and Strike: A Vision for Rebuilding Ukraine’s Advantage in 2024
17. We Wanted to Implement Data-Driven Operations During an Army Exercise—Here’s What We Learned
18. It’s not your imagination. There has been more war lately.
19. The Next Global War by Hal Brands
20. Military Leaders Do What Makes Them Look Good
21. America Can’t Win the Tech Race Alone
22. In Norway, young people compete to serve in the military
23. For People Fleeing War, U.S. Immigration Fight Has Real-Life Consequences
24. ‘Decade of decline’ for U.S. military tees up likely campaign clash for 2024
25. SOF News Passing of Col (Ret) Donlon – MOH Recipient

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. not seeing indications of 'direct' N. Korean threat at this time: Washington official
2. Henny Penny, Chicken Little warn: N Korea's sky is falling
3. Inequality worsening in N. Korea's capital, rural areas: ministry
4. S. Korea, U.S. hold 1st joint cyber security drill
5. FM Cho discusses bilateral ties, N. Korea issues with visiting U.S. congressman
6. Foreign ministry shakes up 6 overseas ambassador posts
7. Kim Jong-un admits failure of rationing system, blames party officials for inaction
8. 'Anticipating continued growth in Korea-Japan relations throughout the year'
9. Chinese vice foreign minister visiting N. Korea: KCNA
10. US voices concerns over NK support for Russia prolonging war in Ukraine
11. Prepare for Trump 2.0 as early as possible
12.  Pyongyang stops calling Seoul ‘South Joseon’
13. N. Korea could turn to nukes 'more easily' in crisis: US think tank report
14. What’s behind the exodus of Pyongyangites from the city center to the outskirts?
15. China sends top diplomat to Pyongyang amid N Korea’s economic woes
16. The Academy Was Right to Snub This Dehumanizing Documentary
17. Beyond Utopia: Another False Narrative About Korea