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1/26/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 01/26/2022 - 9:36am

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National Security News Content:

1. Deterrence Message to Moscow
2. Beyond War and Peace: The PLA’s “Non-War Military Activities” Concept
3. Philippines’ Marcos Eyes Deal With China to Resolve Sea Row
4. Pressing Questions: Offensive Cyber Operations and NATO Strategy
5. ‘My only regret is not doing more’ — Why I reported Eddie Gallagher for war crimes
6. A Revived Nuclear Deal Will Not Solve Iran’s Advanced Centrifuge Threat
7. Yemen’s Houthis Belong on the Terror List
8. FDD | Possible Netanyahu Plea Deal Could Shake Up Israeli Politics
9. To the fashionably woke, Uyghur lives don’t matter
10. Russia says "destructive" sanctions wouldn't hurt Putin personally
11. America needs a new grand strategy to navigate the 21st century
12. Ukraine's front line: Where lives turn on distant decisions
13. Your questions on the Ukraine crisis answered
14. Three of Biden's team negotiating with Iran on nuclear deal RESIGN
15. The Army wants someone to make comics about its information warfare doctrine
16. America’s War for Global Order Is a Marathon
17. US Navy wants to get crashed stealth fighter back -- before China can
18. Why Germany might be the West's weak link in the Russia-Ukraine standoff
19. Coup Nation: Americans across the country participated in an effort to subvert democracy.
20. The Global Consequences of American Polarization

Korean News Content:

1. How Joe Biden Can Push Back Against North Korea’s Political Warfare Strategy
2. Biden Picks Former Sanctions Enforcer as S.Korea Ambassador - Source
3. North fires two more missiles, JCS reacts a day later
4. North Korea recently disappeared from the internet for a little while, and it looks like it has happened again
5. Conflict between Korea, USFK simmers
6. U.S. remains prepared to engage in dialogue with N. Korea: State Dept.
7. Did Seoul Miss Another N.Korea Missile Launch?
8. North Korea remains silent on cruise missile test
9. Seoul faces conundrum over option of North Korea preemptive strike
10. Why Is North Korea Firing So Many Missiles?
11. North Korean officials fight over cargo space on trains from China
12. North Korea orders border patrol to fire flares instead of live ammunition at border intruders
13. Expectations on the rise in North Korea that trade with China will increase soon
14. Asean sees Korea as K-pop nation and most trusted regional power
15. Why Is North Korea Suddenly Launching So Many Missiles?