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12/4/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 12/04/2021 - 11:42am

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National Security News Content:

1. A former Chinese soldier turned artist explains how a song on Radio Australia changed his life
2. Meet the Texas Secessionist Movement: Brought to You by Russia
3. A Big, Dumb Machine: The problem in Afghanistan wasn't mere incompetence. The problem was a broken system.
4. Biden expected to nominate first woman as Army Cyber chief
5. Afghanistan’s Looming Catastrophe
6. Elon Musk Needs China. China Needs Him. The Relationship Is Complicated.
7. How Migrants Got Weaponized
8. U.S. to Urge Democracies to Sanction Corrupt Foreign Officials, Human-Rights Abusers
9. This is how to rescue a hostage from terrorists in under a minute
10. Collusion or Collision? Turkey-Russia Relations Under Erdogan and Putin
11. FDD | U.S. and Europe Must Counter Potential Weapons-Grade Enrichment by Iran
12. A woke military is no defense at all — why Defense bill in current form must not pass
13. To Deter China, Invest in Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons
14. Understanding the Pro-China Propaganda and Disinformation Tool Set in Xinjiang
15. Leaked papers link top Chinese leaders to Uyghur crackdown
16. #StopXinjiangRumors: the CCP’s decentralised disinformation campaign
17. Philippine military says Muslim rebel leader killed in clash
18. Stanley McChrystal Accidentally Reveals the Dishonesty of U.S. Generals
19. In Afghanistan, ‘Who Has the Guns Gets the Land’
20. Veterans Are Being Recruited by Extremist Groups. How Do We Help Them Say No?
21. Sophia Glock divulges her secretive life as a child of CIA officers in 'Passport'

Korean News Content:

1. Minor quake hits off Baengnyeong Island, no damage reported
2.  Unification ministry budget for inter-Korean cooperation rises 2 pct in 2022
3. The Korean Peninsula Conundrum - True Peace, Security and Human Rights (OKN Book Launch with HRNK)
4. [ICKS Annual Conference] Security Challenges on the Korean Peninsula in 2022: Prospects for Peace and Stability
5. New daily cases hit new high of 5,352; 3 additional omicron cases reported
6. North Korean leader sports new look
7. Seoul, Beijing push for virtual summit in January
8. Activity at the Uiju Airfield Suggests Further Preparations for Reopening the Border
9. Defending against nukes