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1/23/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/23/2023 - 9:51am

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National Security News Content:

1. The First Rule of Fight Club and Irregular Warfare Should be the Same
3. How the U.S. Government Amassed $31 Trillion in Debt
4. Warp Speed: Ukraine’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle Program is Moving Fast
5. Former Navy SEAL, listed as a deserter, dies fighting in Ukraine
6. U.S. Military Vets in Ukraine Are Fighting Each Other in Court
7. Army Sees Signs it Might Hit Recruiting Target This Year
8. Special Operations News Update - January 2023 | SOF News
9. TikTok accused of spying on the US and corrupting youth
10. Biden’s Shadow War in Ukraine
11. Stocking Ukraine could generate foreign military sales boom
12. China’s Mad Dash Into a Strategic Island Nation Breeds Resentment
13. Xinjiang tour blatant propaganda
14. Pentagon Transfers Some Israel-based Artillery Shells to Support Ukraine
16. China’s New Anti-Uyghur Campaign
17. Maria Ressa's To-Do List
18. Japan soft-selling its remilitarization to the world
19. US warns overdose crisis will spread overseas without action from China
20. The Trouble With Trans-Pacific Trade
21. The PLA’s Weak Backbone: Is China Struggling to Professionalize its Noncommissioned Officer Corps?
22. China attacks, insults US on Twitter
23. An unlikely alliance: could US far right and progressives agree on defense cuts?
24. Soldiers from 101st Airborne, 10th Mountain divisions expected to deploy to Romania


Korean News Content:

1. Parade Training in Full Swing (north Korea)
2. US needs Korea's chip prowess to contain rising China
3. 'I went through hell to escape here. I pinch myself at how blessed Britain is'
4. 55 years after sending a hit squad on a deadly raid in Seoul, North Korea has found new ways to threaten South Korea
5. INTERVIEW: ‘The loneliest time is New Year’s Day and other major holidays’ (Korea)
6. N. Korean man arrested after complaining about “volunteering” under duress
7. Yanggang Province cracks down on professors demanding money and gifts from students
8. Kim Jong Un hands down gifts to people involved in speedy production of weapons and agricultural equipment
9. North Korean drone incursion rattles nerves in Seoul over air defences
10. Is South Korea’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Enough To Gain Leverage In The Region? – Analysis
11. S. Korean Marines conduct cold-weather drills to sharpen combat readiness
12. NATO chief to visit S. Korea next week



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