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12/2/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 12/02/2023 - 1:00pm

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National Security News Content:

1. On a Tiny Island in the Middle of Nowhere, 250 People Are Fending Off China
2. CSA: December Recommended Articles
3. The National Security Bureaucracy Is Unwell
4. The ‘no limits’ Russo-Chinese alliance is taking flight
5. Psychological science can help counter spread of misinformation, says APA report
6. AI, War and Transdisciplinary Philosophy
7. Time to End Wilsonian Foreign Policy
8. Opinion: Christopher Hitchens was right about Henry Kissinger
9. Why Biden Needs a 'Kissinger'
10. Navigating The Disinformation Landscape: Cultivating Cognitive Resilience
11. Slick videos or more 'authentic' content? The Israel-Gaza battles raging on TikTok and X
12. Restoring trust in U.S.-China relations
13. Narrative warfare: How disinformation shapes the Israeli-Hamas conflict—and millions of minds
14. Bringing Ukraine Into NATO Without World War III
15. Kissinger’s Contradictions
16. Surrounded by Russians and ready to die, this Ukrainian soldier called in an artillery strike – on his own position
17. Marines, soldiers fire first shots at state-of-the-art gun range complex on Guam
18. Why Hamas could emerge stronger militarily from the temporary cease-fire with Israel
19. Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on the Passing of Lieutenant General Julius W. Becton Jr.
20. Lessons the US Marine Corps Should Learn From Gaza and Ukraine
21. Inside the Woke Air Force
22. Terminally ill Army vet to get final wish, relive his tank gunner days
23. Students invent IV bag that doesn't rely on gravity. It could be game-changing at disaster sites.
24. Meta exposes foreign plot to divide AmericansMeta exposes foreign plot to divide Americans

Korean News Content:

1. HRNK Message on the International Day or the Abolition of Slavery
2. North Korea's Satellite Launch: Part of a Bigger Problem for Kim Jong-un?
3. South Koreans want their own nukes. That could roil one of the world’s most dangerous regions
4. Koreas' spy satellite launches heat up arms race in space
5. South Korea to develop stealth submarines
6. National security advisers of Korea, US, Japan to meet in Seoul next week
7. N. Korea vows to take countermeasures against organizations that impose sanctions
8. Poland buys more K9 howitzers from South Korea in $2.6 billion deal
9. N. Korea bristles at US over comments about possible disabling of spy satellite
10. Time for nuclear buildup (ROK nuclear powered submarines)
11. North Korea says interference in its satellites would be declaration of war
12. Opinion | Is South Korea Disappearing?
13. S. Korea, US, Japan, Australia jointly announce sanctions on NK
14. Students invent IV bag that doesn't rely on gravity. It could be game-changing at disaster sites.