Small Wars Journal

1/21/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 01/21/2023 - 10:38am

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National Security News Content:

2. U.S. to brand Russia’s Wagner Group a ‘transnational criminal’ entity
3. Russia's Wagner Chief Writes to White House Over New U.S. Sanctions
4. Facebook staffed with multiple fmr. CIA employees: Report
5. China Issues Veiled Warning to US Over Taiwan
6. 10 Reasons Xi Won’t Attack Taiwan Anytime Soon
7. America in Decline? World Thinks Again.
8. Macron boosts French military spending by over a third to 'transform' army
9. Is the U.S. running out of weapons to send Ukraine?
10. Navy Offers Up to $100K in Retention Bonuses for Select Special Warfare Sailors
11. 'China cannot be out, China must be in': France says it's diverging with Washington on Beijing ties
12. Air Force Moves F-16s from Europe to Japan as Ukraine War Lingers and Pacific Tensions Simmer
13. Coast Guard: Illegal Fishing Has Surpassed Piracy as a Global Threat
14. Defense bill OKs future national intelligence museum
15. We need an open source intelligence center
16. Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Casualties "Significantly Well Over 100k" Says Top U.S. General
17. From Fake News to Fake Views: New Challenges Posed by ChatGPT-Like AI
18. A college student aims to save us from a chatbot before it changes writing forever
19. ChatGPT is the Deepfake of Thought
20. ChatGPT expected to deepen disinformation crisis, says NYT chairman
21. Disinformation: Reliable Information is essential for democratic stability
22. A star on TikTok's BOOKTok is using the platform to improve his reading skills
23. FBI Director Christopher Wray Discloses Domestic ‘Homemade IED’ Drone Attempts Investigations

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea continues to provide ammunition to Russia in violation of UNSC sanctions: White House
2. North Korean National Sentenced for Money Laundering Offenses
3. Over 3,600 'separated' S. Koreans died last year without family reunions: gov't data
4. ‘Food shortages in N. Korea worst since 1990s,’ says 38 North
5. INTERVIEW: U.S. cyber crime czar discusses readiness to stop North Korean threats
6. With the collapse of the medical system, Kim Jong-un orders crackdown on home remedies to treat illnesses…Why?
7. Withdrawal of ammunition from USFK stockpile will not affect readiness: Pentagon
8. North Korea intensifies war against South Korean culture
9. US should prepare for possible deployment of nuclear assets to S. Korea: CSIS
10. Military ends search for drone near Thaad base, citing 'low' espionage possibility
11. South Korea to expand military drills with Japan amid North Korean threats, defense chief says
12. US share with UN proof of North Korea supplying weapons to Russia
13. Google Earth offers clear views of where Kim Jong-un works, lives



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