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1/21/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/21/2022 - 8:56am

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National Security News Content:

1. Biden’s Gray-Zone Gaffe Highlights a Real Dilemma
2. THE PLIGHT OF THE GREEN BERET: Why Special Forces is still losing most of its junior leaders and its survivors are forced to contend with a cultural crisis.
3. Putin, Ukraine, and the Failure of Western Elites
4. Ukraine crisis a warning for Asian nations fearful of China's rise
5. The Day After Russia Attacks
6. Joint Statement on the January 11, 14, and 17 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Ballistic Missile Launch
7. FDD | Congress Delivers Bipartisan Warning to Biden on Syria Policy
8. Invade Russia, Iran And North Korea — With Connectivity
9. Biden saves Iran from itself
10. A Dam in Syria Was on a ‘No-Strike’ List. The U.S. Bombed It Anyway.
11. Opinion | The Beijing Olympics has become an exercise in genocide denial
12. What foreign ambassadors really think about Biden’s first year
13. Totalitarian Paranoia Run Amok: Pandemics, Lockdowns And Martial Law – OpEd

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea Signals Will to Cross US Red Line Amid Deadlocked Nuclear Talks
2. The real message behind North Korea’s missile tests
3. Why North Korea's Threat to Test ICBMs and Nuclear Weapons Is Serious
4. U.S., 7 other nations urge full implementation of N. Korea sanctions
5. U.S. ready, prepared to talk with N. Korea at anytime: Thomas-Greenfield
6. U.S. senator highlights need for strengthened deterrence against N. Korea
7. U.N. offered to provide N.K. with 60 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines: lawmaker
8. Kim Jong Un: A Decade of Trial and Error
9. China, Russia block US bid to sanction North Koreans at UN
10.S. Korea, U.S. detect signs of North Korean military parade
11. How to Understand North Korea’s Demand for the Withdrawal of ROK-U.S. “hostile policy”
12.  US hits snag in pursuit of sanctions against North Korea
13. Column: North Korea continues to be a growing threat while South Korea grows its economy