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12/1/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 12/01/2021 - 8:08am

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National Security News Content:

1. Opinion | Space Force General: China and Russia attacking U.S. space assets ‘every day’
2. Jake Sullivan, Biden’s Adviser, a Figure of Fascination and Schadenfreude
3. Nine female medics seized in Myanmar army raid now held in prison
4. The Pentagon’s China Report: Reading Between the Lines
5. Pentagon's innovation steering group mapping existing efforts
6. Inside the ‘Misinformation’ Wars
7. Leaked crash video of British F-35B shows jet dropping off carrier ramp
8. Dozens of Former Afghan Security Forces Dead or Missing Under Taliban, Report Says
9. West Point unveils specialty football uniforms for showdown with archrival Navy
10. Former Air Force Weapons Chief Tapped to Become the Pentagon’s Lead Arms Buyer
11. Israel has 'free rein' to deal with Iran's precision weapons, not its nuclear program
12. New 360 degree review to start with just 200 Marines
13. FDD | Japan, India, Quad can play big role in Micronesia: Dr Hayakawa
14. Austin orders National Guard to get vaccinated or face loss of pay
15. The Honor of a Nation - A Case for Stoicism in Foreign Policy
16. The NDAA Likely Won’t Become Law Until 2022. That’s ‘Not The End of the World’
17. The Most Powerful Data Broker in the World Is Winning the War Against the U.S.
18. U.S. delegation met with Afghan Taliban representatives in Qatar
19. How Disinformation Corrodes Democracy
20. America Is Not Withdrawing from the Middle East
21. The Global Posture Review: Strategic Vapor Lock
22. A Slavish Devotion to Forward Presence Has Nearly Broken the U.S. Navy

Korean News Content:

1. US, S. Korea to Write New War Plan to Counter N. Korean Nukes, Missiles
2. No ICBM launch anniversary in N. Korea's 2022 calendars: Seoul official
3.  Pentagon chief due in Seoul for annual security talks on N. Korea, alliance
4. Philippine Navy to Acquire 2nd Pohang-class Corvette from South Korea
5. Iran bans goods from South Korea’s Samsung and LG
6. Desperate North Koreans sell homes to raise money for food
7. North Korea orders people to pay for candies as gifts from leader Kim Jong Un
8. Korean defense firms eyeing Africa, Middle East markets
9. Real South Korean labor abuses inspired Squid Game
10. First suspected cases of omicron variant detected in S. Korea
11. N. Korea kicks up commemorative mood for late leader Kim Jong-il
12. Moon says S. Korea-U.S. alliance 'linchpin' of Northeast Asian peace
13. Pentagon chief stresses unity in S. Korea-U.S. alliance amid Sino-U.S. rivalry
14. Military veterans' groups join hands to help bolster Korea-US relations
15. N. Korean middle school student sentenced to 14 years of forced labor for watching S. Korean film
16. Ask a North Korean: What do North Koreans think of regime sympathizers?