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1/19/2022 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 10:17am

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National Security News Content:

1. Blinken arrives in Ukraine, says Russia could attack at short notice
2. Defining the Biden Doctrine
3. China warns foreign Olympic athletes against speaking out on politics at Winter Games
4. Former army general on how the U.S. could back a Ukranian insurgency against Russia
5. Washington and the West must regain the initiative with China and Russia
6. As a former US intelligence officer, I see a red flag in the CIA’s latest anti-Russia playbook
7. US special operations presses on in Ukraine amid threat of Russian invasion
8. Opinion | The Marines are establishing a beachhead for needed change at the Pentagon
9. U.S. lawmakers call for U.N. Uyghur rights report before China's Olympics
10. Inside the secretive training that US Green Berets give to troops who may have to take on Russia or China
11. US Special Forces Have a Secret Weapon Everyone Forgets About
12. Why USSOCOM should develop an Arctic Strategy
13. All the president’s enemies
14. What's Plan B? -- The Small, The Agile, and The Many
15. Don’t Bury Alberto Nisman Again
16. 'Warmer' peace with Israel offers Jordan better economic dividends
17. No, Robin Sage is not the conspiracy theory that some people want it to be
18. US Signaling Putin that Ukraine Will Be Bloody
19.  The Pentagon’s new cybersecurity model is better, but still an incremental solution to a big challenge
20.  No Troops Needed: How America Can Punish Russia for a Ukraine Invasion
21. Inside the secretive training that US Green Berets give to troops who may have to take on Russia or China
22. China’s Lending Comes Under Fire as Sri Lankan Debt Crisis Deepens
23. China Detains Prominent Activists as Olympics Near, Citing State Security
24. EDITORIAL: Propaganda from China is no joke

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. takes N. Korea's 'improving' missile programs seriously: Pentagon
2. Kim Jong Un’s January Missile-Test Barrage Is Fast but Not Furious
3. North Korea’s Missiles and Nuclear Weapons: Everything You Need to Know. (and more)
4. North Korea using Russian satellite navigation system instead of GPS for missile launches, observers say
5.  It's Time for the United States to Reduce Sanctions Against North Korea
6. Why 2022 Could Be a Year Full of North Korean Missile Tests
7. Purges and piranhas: Why we love a crazy North Korea story
8. North Korea test fires 2 short-range ‘tactical-guided missiles’
9. Six N. Koreans related to hypersonic missile development added to sanctions list
10. U.S. calls for UN Security Council meeting following missile launches
11. Despite unpopularity among the people, North Korea may issue more cash vouchers this year
12. Did Seoul Misidentify N.Korea's Latest Missile Launch Site?
13. Young Koreans Lose Interest in Chinese Studies
14. Koreans see China rising, but much prefer Uncle Sam
15. Growing China risk (to South Korea)
16. Will South Korea Join the US Effort to Insulate Supply Chains From China?