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11/8/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 11/08/2023 - 9:36am

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National Security News Content:

1.  Should I Stay or Should I Go? Stay-Behind Force Decision-Making
2. Austin Will Underscore U.S. Partnerships, Progress on Indo-Pacific Trip
3. Developing countries owe China at least $1.1 trillion – and the debts are due
4. American Geopolitical Strategy and the Israel-Hamas War
5. Gaza Hostage Crisis Led To "Unprecedented" Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 Deployment
6. Post retirement - Army (Soldier for Life)
7. Reoccupying Gaza ‘Not the Right Thing to Do,’ White House Tells Israel
8. China and Russia Claim Moral High Ground Over Palestinian Deaths
9. Biden’s AI Order Is Government’s Bid for Dominance
10. As war frustrations rise, stalemate tests Zelensky and top general Zaluzhny
11.  The Politics of Looking Strong
12. The Right Way to Deter China From Attacking Taiwan
13. Senior Leaders Must Own the Lack of Warfighting Focus
14. Five Eyes Warning is Clear: Government and Businesses Must Wake Up to China Threat
15. The Fourteen Facts about US Aid to Ukraine
16. Kishida Philippines trip's focus was Japan defense
17. A Knife Fight in a Phone Booth
18. Russia’s Second Front in Europe
19. Civilian deaths and proportionality in the Israel–Hamas war
20. Disinformation and the limits of yelling 'Liar' in a Crowded Theater
21. The New American Anarchists
22. AC-130J Ghostriders Could Lose Their Big 105mm Guns
23. ‘If Not Me, Who?’: As Ukraine Seeks Troops, Women Prepare for the Call
24. 'Influencers in uniform' are boosting recruiting, Pentagon says
25. Military Growing More Distant from Most Americans, Hicks Says
26. Opinion: I’m an expert in urban warfare. Israel is upholding the laws of war
27. There is strong public support for holding the Pentagon and its contractors accountable
28. Expanding multinational exercises key to countering China, says US Army Pacific commander
29. Peraton wins $2.8B Special Operations IT recompete

Korean News Content:

1. Austin Will Underscore U.S. Partnerships, Progress on Indo-Pacific Trip
2. Putin bringing Kim dangerously out of the cold
3. Austin Heads to Indo-Pacific as Space Race Heats Up on Korean Peninsula
4. ‘Day may come’ when North Korea will attack US to help Palestine: Hamas official
5. N. Korea warns of 'shower of shells,' military clashes over anti-Pyongyang leaflet campaign
6.  S. Korea, IAEA discuss N.K. nuclear program in high-level policy talks
7. N. Korea slams upcoming S. Korea visit by Blinken, Austin
8. N. Korea to field multiple candidates to pick deputies for local assemblies
9. 32 pct of S. Koreans say unification with N. Korea unnecessary: poll
10. Blinken arrives in S. Korea for talks on N. Korea, alliance
11. Yoon to meet Kishida in U.S. next week on APEC sidelines: Kyodo
12. South Korea and the Neo-Cold War
13. Major South Korean Political Parties Signed Agreements with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
14. Polish ambassador highlights strong Korea-Poland ties, global responsibilities
15. N. Korea poised to have 'eye in the sky' to observe S. Korea
16. 'In North Korea, nobody knows Harvard, but almost everyone knows Oxford'
17. US Treasury removes Korea from currency manipulation watchlist