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11/4/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 11/04/2023 - 9:22am

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National Security News Content:

1.  Army Making a Mistake in Cuts to Special Operations Forces

2. A Toast to the United States of America by David Cohen

3. Inter Populum: The Journal of Irregular Warfare and Special Operations

4. Ten Surprising Lessons for Special Operations Forces from the First 20 Months of Putin’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

5. What Is Happening on College Campuses Is Not Free Speech

6. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 3, 2023

7. Iran Update, November 3, 2023

8. Ukraine appears to be pulling off the 'Anaconda Plan'

9. Media's In-House Critics to Reporters: Quit Quoting Palestinians About Civilian Deaths - FAIR

10. Hezbollah tells Hamas to be ‘realistic’: Terrorist allies don't want to expand Israel war

11. Hamas Has Deadlier Weapons Than the Last Time Israel Invaded Gaza

12. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, November 2, 2023

13. Secret Skunk Works Spy Drone Delivered To Air Force: Report

14. The World at War's unbearable poignancy

15. The next 9/11 is a question of when, not if

16. Ukraine’s Civilians Training for War, Private Sector Fills Growing Demand for Infantry Skills

17. China’s Male Leaders Signal to Women That Their Place Is in the Home

18. Israeli officials: Oxygen concentrators for Gaza tunnels found hidden in aid shipment

19. China's disinfo campaign shows growing unease about Philippines' WPS actions

20. Chief Priority! Ignite a Renaissance in Military Scholarship and Writing

21. By All Means Available: Memoirs of a Life in Intelligence, Special Operations, and Strategy (Book Review)

Korean News Content:

1. Xi Jinping tells North Korea’s Kim he can make ‘greater contribution’ to ties

2. Kim Jong Un sees bigger cash-cow in Russia arms than embassies

3. Road rage: North Koreans forced to pitch in and patch potholes

4. South Korea increasingly pessimistic as North Korean arsenal expands

5. VOA [Washington Talk] “Respect for Korea’s desire for nuclear armament… “We will not shake our alliance.”

6. U.S. and South Korea Forge Stronger Cybersecurity Alliance Amid Growing AI Threats

7. Review: In 'Beyond Utopia,' the weight of North Korean oppression on its citizenry is undeniable

8. News outlets didn’t ignore Korean leaders’ historic summit. A video of the meeting is 5 years old

9. S. Korea, Thailand to hold consular talks amid complaints over immigration services for Thai nationals

10. N. Korea diversifying cybercrimes amid drop in value of cryptocurrency: report