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11/4/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 11/04/2022 - 7:50am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (03.11.22) CDS comments on key events
3. The Case for Getting Rid of the National Security Strategy 
4. Biden's anti-strategic National Security Strategy
5. Improving Foreign Policy Outcomes Requires Investment in Alternative Perspectives
6. Withdrawal from TPP Has Forced the U.S. to Contain China
7. What If Ukraine Wins and Putin Is Removed?
8. Army to fix recruiting fraud cases, remove soldiers from FBI database
9. US, South Korea to extend military drills after North Korean launches
10. Pentagon To Launch New Study On How to Get at Hard, Deeply Buried Targets
11. Don Bolduc May Pull Off an Upset in New Hampshire
12. Secret War: Security cooperation programs have led U.S. forces into unauthorized hostilities alongside foreign partners.
13. China private security companies making a BRI killing
14. US military entering ‘window of maximum danger’ (Interview with Rep. Mike Gallagher)
15. ‘Two-minute drill’: Time is running out to break the Pentagon’s nominee logjam, Senate Dems say
16. The evolution of America’s China strategy
17. CCP constitutional change strengthens Xi’s power but avoids total personality cult
18. New Report Sheds Light on Pentagon’s Secret Wars Playbook
19. Good at Being Bad – How Dictatorships Endure
20. Why the US still has not defeated ISIS in Iraq and Syria, according to a new report
21.  Are we stuck with daylight saving time, or can we get rid of it?

Korean News Content:

1. 54th Security Consultative Meeting Joint Communique (ROK/US)
2.  Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and South Korean Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup Hold a News Conference
3. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-Sup Visit Korean War Memorial, Tour U.S. Bomber Aircraft
4. Episode 3: Modern-day North Korea, and what a reunified peninsula might look like
5. North Korea’s missile splurge cost $70 million – more than a year of imported rice
6. 3 US soldiers praised for rescuing about 30 lives from crowd crush
7. Kinetic Korea: missile tests, war drills and Kim’s dead hand
8. S. Korea scrambles some 80 fighter jets after 180 N.K. warplane activities detected
9. N. Korea fires 3 short-range ballistic missiles toward East Sea: S. Korean military
10. U.S. offers $5 mln reward for arrest of Singaporean businessman helping N. Korea evade sanctions
11. Why Biden isn’t changing course on North Korea
12. Defense & National Security–US, South Korea issue stern warning to Kim Jong Un
13. S. Korea, U.S. codify 4 categories of 'extended deterrence' cooperation against N.K. nuke threats
14. N.Korea's Provocations Are Getting out of Hand
15. Russia and North Korea are partners in sanctions-busting crime