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11/4/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 11/04/2021 - 10:51am

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National Security News Content:

1. China unlikely to try to militarily seize Taiwan in near future, top U.S. general
2. China Moves to Quash Online Rumors That Taiwan War Looms
3. DOD Releases 2021 Report on Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China
4. Save The Stranded: A Post Afghan-American War Project: A Story of Starvation
5. Veterans are united on wanting accountability for the war in Afghanistan
6. Reducing Civilian Harm in Urban Warfare: A Commander’s Handbook
7. Blue Flag exercise has Israel’s enemies seeing red
8. Royal Marines Commandos force US Marine Corps troops to surrender in training exercise
9. The AP Interview: Justice Dept. conducting cyber crackdown
10. Bernard-Henri Levy’s dispatches from troubled lands
11. Pentagon details China info war on U.S.
12. Radicalization's path: In case studies, finding similarities
13. What drove the United States to AUKUS?
14. Gaza Conflict 2021 Hamas, Israel and Eleven Days of War
15. The Implications of Simultaneous Conflicts in South Korea and Taiwan
16. Myanmar Resistance Groups Lure and Aid Military Defectors
17. Design the Littoral Combat Team Around Its Core Mission
18. SOCOM Commander: Navy SEALS to Focus on Strategic Reconnaissance, Working with Partners
19. Marine Corps Seeks ‘Fundamental Redesign’ to Recruiting, Retention, Careers
20. The U.S. Risks Catastrophe if It Doesn't Clarify Its Taiwan Strategy
21. US strategic clarity on Taiwan wouldn’t unleash a spiral of escalation
22. Chinese People Think China Is Popular Overseas. Americans Disagree.
23. Army relieved ‘old school’ battalion leader over poor command climate
24. Pentagon: Chinese nuke force growing faster than predicted
25. 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) Wreath-Laying Ceremony to Commemorate President John F. Kennedy's Contributions to the U.S. Army Special Forces
26. Unleashing the U.S. Military’s Thinking about Cyber Power
27. A Japanese Seaplane Could Be the Difference-Maker for the U.S. Military
28. China's advice to stockpile sparks speculation of Taiwan war
29. Military Special Operations Forces Adapt to New Warfare - The War Horse

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea Can Make More Uranium for Nuclear Bombs Than Previously Thought
2. The Implications of Simultaneous Conflicts in South Korea and Taiwan
3. China, Russia ask U.N. to end sanctions so North Korea can import bolts, utensils, vacuums
4. New Report Details Experience Of Christians Detained In North Korea
5.  Military plays down rift over command transfer
6. US alliance under Biden more popular with South Koreans than under Trump, poll finds
7. North Korean soldier injured picking chestnuts in leader Kim Jong Un’s name
8. Meeting between Moon and Kishida falls through
9. Moon extends nuclear help to Hungary, Poland
10. Korea's nuclear phase-out policy trapped in paradox
11. KAI aims to supply Slovakia with domestically developed FA-50 aircraft
12. N. Korean Cabinet calls on commercial sector to eradicate the "import disease"
13. N Korea in final arrangements to reopen China border to revive economy amid COVID: Report



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