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11/23/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 11/23/2023 - 10:58am

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National Security News Content:

1. With job cuts and drug tests, the Pentagon hopes to prepare its special-ops forces for a new era of warfare
2. Meet the Iranian-born Biden military aide reportedly under investigation for major influence campaign: ‘Clear and present danger’
3. War and Thanksgiving - War on the Rocks
4. Uncovering the Hidden Logic of War: Data and the Meso-Level of Armed Conflict
5. US Navy: ‘Non-kinetic effects’ will likely decide the next war
6. There’s only one way forward in Gaza  by Carl Bildt
7. AI For Five Eyes? New bill pushes AI collaboration with UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand
8. “Changes Unseen in a Century”: Seeking American Partnership in US Decline
9. China Tried Using Economic Ties to Bring Taiwan Closer. It Isn’t Working.
10. The Hostage Deal Means Israel Is Fighting the Clock
11. What we know about the hostages set for release in the Israel-Hamas deal
12. Fiery car wreck at U.S.-Canada border prompts massive response
13. Fox News Forced to Walk Back ‘Terrorist Attack’ Claim at Rainbow Bridge
14. The Chinese Communist Party's Theory of Hybrid Warfare
15. America and China Are Not Yet in a Cold War
16. An Asia hand's argument for putting Ukraine first
17. There Shall Be None to Make Him Afraid By Eliot A. Cohen
18. Preparing for a Russia-Ukraine stalemate
19. Is Myanmar’s embattled regime using chemical weapons?
20. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 22, 2023
21. Iran Update, November 22, 2023

Korean News Content:

1. Tim Peters, Seoul-based American pastor, works to aid defectors from North Korean regime
2. S. Korea, Britain sign ‘Downing Street Accord,’ raise security, economic ties to highest level
3. N Korea scraps military deal with South, vows to deploy weapons to border
4. Defense chief says partial suspension of 2018 military agreement ‘minimum defensive measure’
5. N. Korea vows to restore all military measures halted under inter-Korean military accord
6. North Korea, Defying Warnings, Launches a Spy Satellite, Posing a Dilemma for Seoul and Washington
7. North Korea claims to have put spy satellite into orbit. Analysts say that could make its military stronger
8. New North Korean try at launching military satellite rattles a tense region
9. NIS says Russia's help was behind N. Korea's successful satellite launch
10. NK likely to restore guard posts at DMZ after ditching military agreement
11.  Fighting fire with fire (north and South Korea)
12. Seoul-Warsaw axis
13. IAEA chief notes 'strong' water release from N. Korea's Yongbyon nuclear reactor
14. N Korea sends rocket data to Russia for advice: spy agency
15. Along the Koreas’ Dangerous Border, the Guardrails Are Now Down
16. China Ignores North Korea’s Provocations at Its Own Risk
17. S Korea and Boeing to counter N Korea's drone threat