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11/16/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 11/16/2023 - 11:01am

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National Security News Content:

1. Biden, Xi agree to restart military communications
2. US paid $24 million for improvements to shared military runway in Philippines
3. ‘Ukrainian resistance is an example for the entire free world’. An American executive’s view on transparency and the rule of law in Ukraine
4. Army boot camp will soon include counter-drone training
5. Secretary’s International Security Advisory Board Releases Report on Deterrence in a World of Nuclear Multipolarity
6. Biden, Xi's 'blunt' talks yield deals on military, fentanyl
7. TAKEAWAYS - Biden and Xi meeting: Taiwan, Iran, fentanyl and AI
8. US spy tool will lapse unless Congress and White House can cut deal
9.  Air Force turns focus to future information operations
10. Top general locked away evidence of SAS executions
11. Austin Applauds Strengthening U.S.-Philippine Alliance
12. Israel Storms Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital, Questioning Patients, Staff as More Aid and Fuel Expected to Arrive Today
13. TikTokers Discover Osama bin Laden's Letter Justifying 9/11, Decide They Agree With bin Laden
14. Americans flock to TikTok for news
15. DOD Makes Incremental Progress Toward Clean Audit
16. Pentagon fails sixth audit, with number of passing grades stagnant
17.  How Will Southeast Asian Terror Groups Capitalize on the Israel-Hamas War?
18. Myanmar fighting intensifies near India border, curfew imposed in Sittwe
19. Karenni Resistance Evacuates University Staff Abandoned by Junta Troops (Burma/Myanmar)
20. Nine Towns Occupied by Myanmar Military for Decades Lost to Resistance in Days
21. Partisans Unfurl Ukrainian Flag in Russian-Occupied Crimea – 'We Await the AFU'
22. No good options for Myanmar’s mortally wounded regime
23. Independence Through Information War: Chechnya's Story and Ukraine Connection
24. Iran Update, November 15, 2023
25. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 15, 2023
26. The Virtues of Restraint: Why the Use of Force Is Rarely a Sufficient Response to Terrorism
27. Pathogens labeled ‘HIV’ and ‘Ebola’ found inside secret, illegal Chinese-owned biolab in California

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea, U.S. revive consultative meeting on N.K. human rights after 6 years
2. JCS says N. Korea could test-fire solid-fuel intermediate-range ballistic missile
3. Experts react: Are the US and South Korea following through on the Washington Declaration?
4. Nuclear arms of N. Korea, China, Russia pose 'existential' dangers to U.S., its allies: report
5. U.N. committee adopts resolution on N. Korean human rights for 19th straight year
6. Defense chief vows to ramp up cyberwarfare capability
7. Half a Million Youngsters Sit University Entrance Exam
8. Apple CEO Tim Cook vows to continue cooperation, investment in S. Korea
9. Yoon calls for enhancing connectivity of world economy with APEC at center
10. “UNC member states confirm their willingness to intervene in case of emergency… “We look forward to full-scale participation in joint training.”
11. Truth commission launches probe into N. Korea's 'paradise on Earth' lies
12. North Korean leader's daughter known by wrong name: expert
13. NK, Russia sign cooperation protocol after talks on economy, science: KCNA
14. N. Korea warns of 'visible, strategic' military actions over S. Korea-U.S. defense talks
15. Kimchi Day to go global
16. Risking war from Europe to Asia
17. N Korea, Russia strengthen key sector ties, risk UN sanctions breach
18. <Inside N. Korea> ASIAPRESS confirms that defectors were forcibly repatriated in October…N. K authorities warn would-be defectors that they will be caught by facial recognition systems in China