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11/16/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 11/16/2021 - 9:10am

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National Security News Content:

1. Biden, Xi Open Talks on Friendly Note, With Tough Topics Ahead
2. Biden and Xi meet virtually as US-China chasm widens
3. Remarks by President Biden and President Xi of the People’s Republic of China Before Virtual Meeting
4. Biden and Xi Pledge More Cooperation, but Offer No Breakthroughs
5. Biden-Xi talks: China warns US about 'playing with fire' on Taiwan
6. Readout of President Biden’s Virtual Meeting with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China
7. The Taiwan Question: How to Think About Deterrence Now
8. China-Taiwan conflict: Island's 'guerilla' home guard gears up for David v Goliath battle with Beijing
9. Russia's 'Irregular War' Against NATO’s Eastern Flank Must Be Confronted
10. US urged to help more people escape Taliban-led Afghanistan
11. How the family of the ‘3212’ soldier who fell in Niger grappled with false and misleading information
12. ‘We are warriors’: Women join fight against military in Myanmar
13. US Manufacturing Decline is Hurting National Security, Report Warns
14. Hacking For Defense planners look to expand beyond military problems
15. Grenada, the Evacuation of Afghanistan, and the Future of War
16. Andrew Sullivan and the Narrative of the "MSM Narrative"
17. Disinformation is spreading beyond the realm of spycraft to become a shady industry – lessons from South Korea
18. Don’t believe the deglobalisation narrative
19. The military keeps finding it did nothing wrong when it investigates itself
20. FDD | Warfare Is More Than Just Bullets
21. It’s Time to Be Honest About Fossil Fuels’ Role in Energy Transition
22. FDD | Iranian Professor At US College Complicit In Crimes Against Humanity
23. Erdogan's veneer of respect conceals blatant antisemitism - opinion
24. Myanmar: how Bill Richardson used despot diplomacy to secure US journalist Danny Fenster’s release
25. Opinion | France admits it spreads disinformation. Other democracies should also own up.
26. When America Talks, China Doesn’t Listen

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korean leader visits Samjiyon city in first public activity in more than month
2. U.N. rapporteur raps China over repatriation of N. Korean defectors: news report
3. Envoy describes end-of-war deal North can't 'walk away from'
4. North Korea’s Kim appears after month-long absence, visiting ‘utopia’ city created to cement regime’s legacy
5. Disinformation is spreading beyond the realm of spycraft to become a shady industry – lessons from South Korea 
6. Diplomacy Is Critical to Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula, DOD Official Says
7. Tyrant Kim looks fighting fit in 1st public appearance since month-long absence
8. Time for Japan and South Korea to bury the hatchet
9. A revolt against America (Korean history)
10. 'Covid obsessive sent suspicious package to vaccine factory and Kim Jong-un'
11. The little film made from a man’s desire to right a serious wrong
12. The Brave Women-Led Movement Making History on the Korean Demilitarized Zone
13. N. Korea calls on police in Yanggang Province to make "100 rounds a day" to prevent defections
14. Husbands of undocumented North Koreans beg China not to deport their wives



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Wed, 12/01/2021 - 5:17am

North Korea has been in the news a lot lately. The world is on edge as it watches North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's actions and Superiorpapers waits to see if he will make any more threats against other countries. What do we know about this country? How might they be changing their tactics or strategy? Why should we care? This blog post answers these questions and more, providing insight into what may happen next with North Korea.

anna smith

Wed, 11/17/2021 - 5:54am

Dr. Soo Kim is a research analyst for the National Security and Defense Council. He has written a number of articles about the North Korean Peninsula and U.S.-Korea relations, and currently works for the RAND Corporation. In addition, he also contributes to The Hill, Nikkei Asian Review From Evo Military Discount, and The Diplomat. These publications provide insight into issues concerning national security and the Korea-U.S. relationship.