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11/14/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 11/14/2023 - 9:27am

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National Security News Content:

1. China is using the world’s largest known online disinformation operation to harass Americans, a CNN review finds
2. US Treasury: 100 ships in 30 countries helping Russia violate sanctions
3. Special Operations News - Monday, Nov 13, 2023 | SOF News
4. Versatility at the Tip of the Spear: Food Security and the Utility of SOF
5. The US is sending more Patriot defense systems to the Middle East. They cost $1.1 billion each.
6. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 13, 2023
7. Iran Update, November 13, 2023
8. The Great Illusion: Why DOD’s Reinvigoration of the Term 'Perception Management' is Just Old Wine in a New Bottle with a Different Label
9. The Extremist Domino Effect of October 7
10. And You Are? How to Recognize and Remedy Unrecognized Frictions
11. China lures Western scientists to obtain advanced American technology
12. Army Pacific Launches Massive "Theater Wide" US vs China Wargame
13. China’s disregard for small state agency hampers its foreign policy
14. How China commands its ‘people’s army’
15. Fighting to Govern Myanmar, From a Teeny Office in Washington
16. Chinese Navy's Suspected New Overseas Base in Cambodia Now Even Larger
17. Think China's PLA is a paper tiger? Think again
18. Non-Combatant Women of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution
19. Myanmar junta faces ‘biggest threat’ since coup as fighting engulfs border region
20. "The best way to spot an idiot. Look for the person who is cruel."

Korean News Content:

1. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III Joint Press Conference with Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense Shin Won-Sik Following the U.S.-ROK Security Consultative Meeting, in Seoul, South Korea
2. U.N. Command member states vow united response if S. Korea attacked
3. S. Korea resumes task force after 11-yr hiatus on its citizens held in N. Korea
4. Austin expresses concerns over growing military ties between N. Korea, Russia
5. S. Korea considering partial suspension of inter-Korean military agreement upon N. Korean satellite launch
6. Defense chief offers support for signing of Australia's armored vehicle acquisition deal
7. Vice defense chiefs of S. Korea, Philippines agree to closely cooperate in defense industry
8. S. Korea, China hold inaugural public-private economic exchange meeting
9. N Korea slams G7, signals nuclear program to continue
10. ROK, US to leverage top three U.S. nuclear forces to counter N. Korea’s nuclear weapons
11. Korean battery makers cut U.S. jobs as EV demand declines
12. North Korea's never-paid-for Volvos still 'going strong' after nearly 50 years
13. Taking stock of North Korea, Russia and China's northern triangle
14. Korea's defense industry rises
15. [Herald Interview] Inaugural meeting maps UNC 2.0 amid shifting security dynamics
16. "The best way to spot an idiot. Look for the person who is cruel."