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11/1/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 11/01/2022 - 9:03am

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National Security News Content:

2. CDS Daily brief (31.10.22) CDS comments on key events
3. Special Operations News Update - October 31, 2022 | SOF News
4. China's Global Security Initiative: Xi's wedge in the U.S.-led order
5. IntelBrief: Iran’s Repression and Alignment with Russia Carry Costs
6. Maximum Support for the Iranian People: A New Strategy
7. Ukrainians grapple with power outages as winter approaches
8. Russian Army's Quiet Fatal Flaw: No Sergeants
9. US military now doing onsite weapons inspections in Ukraine
10. The High Cost of Low American Military Spending
11. New Army social media policy pushes stricter rules
12. New Pentagon National Defense Strategy Will be 'Well Received' by U.S. Allies in Pacific, Says Expert
13. Senate Democrat wants national security investigation of Saudi Arabia's role in Elon Musk-Twitter deal
14. Russia announces wider evacuation of occupied southern Ukraine
15.  Russia’s Vast Cyber Web Enables Deniability and Obscurity—But Not Without Risks
16. COVID-19 Origins: Investigating a “Complex and Grave Situation” Inside a Wuhan Lab
17. Why The Naivete In Misreading Xi’s Furtherance of One-Man Rule and State-Domination Of The Economy?
18. The nuclear threats that hang over the world
19. CTG #24 A Return to the SOF Truths
20. Biden must act on Iran’s drone and missile transfers

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea warns US of ‘powerful’ response to allied drills
2. S. Korea co-sponsors U.N. draft resolution on N.K. human rights: ministry
3. South Korea admits police crowd control was ‘inadequate’ before crush
4. U.S. does not and will not recognize N. Korea as nuclear state: State Dept.
5. Analysis: U.S. and allies turn to deterring war with North Korea as options for preventing nuclear tests dwindle
6. Expert Explains Why Seoul's Tragic Crowd Surge Turned So Deadly
7. North Korea tensions: why is there a debate about accepting Pyongyang’s nuclear state status?
8. No tolerance of hate speech towards Itaewon tragedy
9. Ohio congressman's niece among those killed in Itaewon crush
10. U.S. takes North refugee as South's safe-haven status questioned
11. Seoul returns to criticizing Pyongyang at the UN
12. Running to the finish line (ROK and US nuclear power)
13.  'US stands with Korea to overcome tragic times,' says ambassador
14. <Inside N. Korea> Smuggling appears to restart on the China-North Korea border…