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11/1/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 11/01/2021 - 8:23am

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National Security News Content:

1. Could the U.S. Lose a War with China Over Taiwan?
2. Taiwan: Will We or Won’t We?
3. What Role Could Civilians Play in Taiwan’s Defense?
4. COVID-19's global death toll tops 5 million in under 2 years
5. In Afghan hospital, unpaid doctors and rigid Taliban clash
6. Left Behind After U.S. Withdrawal, Some Former Afghan Spies and Soldiers Turn to Islamic State
7. Taiwan Special Forces Have Been Working With US Troops, but Who Are They?
8. The Taliban Haven’t Changed, But U.S. Policy Must
9. Op-Ed: We Can Still Help the Women of Afghanistan
10. U.S. Military Jury Condemns Terrorist’s Torture and Urges Clemency
11. Pentagon rattled by Chinese military push on multiple fronts
12. Australian warship stops at Navy base in Japan to replace helicopter lost at sea
13. Pentagon may not immediately fire vaccine resisters
14. Air Force is first to face troops’ rejection of vaccine mandate as thousands avoid shots
15. Blinken says US will 'make sure Taiwan has the means to defend itself'
16. Defense Companies Brace For Workforce Loss Due To Vaccine Mandate
17. Appeal for CIA, DoD Clandestine Ops to Rescue Afghan Allies
18. Biden tells Macron US ‘clumsy’ in Australian submarine deal
19. The unintended consequences of the AUKUS deal
20. Re-shaping Forces for the High-End Fight: The Challenge of Overcoming the Legacy of the Land Wars
21.  Journalist shot dead in Philippines, 21st killed since Duterte took office
22. Your Laptop Does More Than PowerPoint: Computational Thinking and Changing the Military’s Mindset
23. Is U.S. Foreign Policy Too Hostile to China? Foreign Affairs Asks the Experts
24. FDD | Russian Hackers Continue Targeting the Software Supply Chain

Korean News Content:

1. USFK chief stands firm on alliance on visit to JSA
2. Seoul urges Pyongyang to accept proposed visit by pope
3. N.Korea 'Preparing for Another Submarine-Launched Missile Test'
4. How China-US Competition Factors Into Moon’s Final Inter-Korea Push
5. Nuke envoys of S. Korea, China discuss end-of-war declaration for NK dialogue
6. Talk of possible shift in U.S. nuke policy rekindles questions over America's security assurances for allies
7. S. Korea to develop homegrown lightweight torpedoes by 2028
8. Unification ministry to discuss resuming Panmunjom tours with UNC
9. S. Korea, U.S. kick off joint air exercise
10. Japan's LDP win may throw a wrench in Seoul-Tokyo relations
11. Foreign minister pushes for end of war in talks with U.S. envoy
12. Explosion at Chongjin chemical and textile plant leaves several workers injured
13. Obsession with NK - Pyongyang said to have offered absurd preconditions for talks
14. Time to ease sanctions (north Korea)