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11/11/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 11/11/2023 - 11:56am

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National Security News Content:

1. Proclamation 3071—Veteran's Day, 1954
2. A Proclamation on Veterans Day, 2023 | The White House
3. “You’re Telling Me That Thing Is Forged?”: The Inside Story of How Trump’s “Body Guy” Tried and Failed to Order a Massive Military Withdrawal
4. I’m a veteran of the special operations community. Here’s how Hollywood glamorized us–and deprived most troops of lifesaving donations | Fortune
5. The Fulbright Paradox: How the "Relic of the Second Zulu War" Continues to Undermine National Security, Part I
6. Green Berets bring annual tribute to JFK’s Arlington gravesite
7. The ‘Forever Wars’ Hidden Costs
8. Mapped: The U.S. states with the highest and lowest shares of veterans
9. China’s Misunderstood Nuclear Expansion
10. Japanese Americans were jailed in a desert. Survivors worry a wind farm will overshadow the past.
11. Can a Soldier Ever Go Home From War?
12. Are We About To Experience 1914 Deja Vu?
13. Deals in Works to Free Hostages Held in Gaza: Reports
14. Elite universities get tougher on antisemitism
15. Russians rue war failures after maps "differ from tactical reality": ISW
16. Russia terminates agreement with Japan on dismantling nuclear weapons
17. Japan Grants Security Assistance to the Philippines, Looks to Enhance Military Cooperation
18. Isolationism Makes a Perilous Moment More So
19. Ordinary Russians Feel Wrath of Putin’s Repression
20. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, November 10, 2023
21. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 10, 2023
22. Iran Update, November 10, 2023

Korean News Content:

1. Deterrence is crumbling in Korea: How we can fix it2.
2. A Nuclear North Korea Presents Opportunity for Global Leadership in a Complicated World
3. US and South Korea close ranks on common global issues during Blinken visit
4. Pyongyang reconfirms stronger ties with Russia despite warning
5. South Korea to help Ukraine produce drones - Lviv mayor
6. N. Korea pulls out of Nepal in series of diplomatic mission closures
7. Korea to provide $300,000 worth of humanitarian aid to quake-hit Nepal
8. NIS to beef up cybersecurity cooperation with US CISA
9. Peace Corps couple recalls service at Korean mixed-race orphanage
10. Korean ethnocentrism and Ihn
11. South Korean lawmakers join global human rights alliance against China
12. S. Korean lawmaker, US Congress members meet over China’s forced return of North Korean defectors
13. President’s War Against ‘Fake News’ Raises Alarms in South Korea