Small Wars Journal

10/28/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 10/28/2022 - 9:23am

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National Security News Content:

1. DOD Releases National Defense Strategy, Missile Defense, Nuclear Posture Reviews
2. That’s it? Biden’s Overdue Pentagon Strategy Underwhelms
3. China, Russia biggest challenges under Pentagon’s new National Defense Strategy
4. Army’s New Training Center Keeps Forces Available in Indo-Pacific
5. Drones, Cruise Missiles Are Rising Threats to US Troops and Territory, Pentagon Says
6. China’s Nuclear Arsenal Will Become an Existential Threat to US, Biden Administration Declares
7. 6 key takeaways from the Pentagon’s new defense, nuclear policies
8. US troops put in harm’s way by lack of White House info-sharing, report says
9. U.N. uses before-and-after photos to track Ukraine’s cultural destruction
10. US Special Operations tests American-made electric motorbikes for military use
11. Cracks in US support for Ukraine risk helping Putin
12. How an Army-funded 'bioengineered blood vessel' is saving lives in Ukraine
13. Crooked Kickback Scheme Targeted Marine Wounded Warrior Program
14. Unchecked authoritarianism? You can find it on the right and the left
15. Extremism among vets needs study and prevention, lawmakers warn
16. Ukraine's Dream Could Be Taiwan's Nightmare
17. China Accused of Using Overseas Bases to Target Dissidents
18. America’s brittle consensus on Ukraine
19. Musk begins his Twitter ownership with firings
20. Asia would be the biggest loser if the global economy splits up, IMF warns
21. Was Hu Jintao’s removal from China’s 20th party congress suspicious or not?
22. What's Behind Israel's Reluctance to Share Iron Dome With Ukraine?
23. China After the Party Congress: Welcome to Xi’s People’s Republic of Control
24. Putin speech: Russia won’t use nukes, the West started the war, and its ‘cancel culture’ is like Nazi Germany
26. CDS Daily brief (27.10.22) CDS comments on key events
27.  Pentagon PSYOP Scandal Demands an Urgent Debate on Propaganda Ethics
28. UNHEARD VOICE: Evaluating five years of pro-Western covert influence operations 

Korean News Content:

1. Nuclear attack by N. Korea will result in end of Pyongyang regime: U.S.
2. N Korea fires missiles toward sea as US warns over nukes
3. Japan Considers Buying U.S. Tomahawk Missiles to Deter North Korea and China
4. Yoon names new deputy NIS director
5. S. Korea, U.S. in close consultation to counter N. Korean provocation: ambassador
6. The Evolution of Kim Jong Un’s ‘All-Purpose Sword’
7. N. Korea builds ice cream factory on Kim Jong-un's order
8. Sohae Satellite Launching Station: Significant Activity Underway
9. Poland's deputy PM: Korea has high chance for nuclear plant partner
10. Air-to-Air Missiles Could Be the North Korean Defense Sector’s Next Breakthrough: Why It Matters
11. South Korean president dismisses Putin's warning
12. S. Korea, U.S. to conduct Vigilant Storm air drills next week amid N.K. threats
13. North Koreans embrace truth over consequences
14. South Koreans living near Korean border unperturbed by rising military tensions



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