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10/27/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 10/27/2022 - 10:17am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (26.10.22) CDS comments on key events
3. With Limited Resources to Counter Violent, Nonstate Armed Groups, How Can We Do Triage and Set Priorities?
4. Ukrainians hold out in east, prepare battle for Kherson
5. Density not Dispersion: Evolving SOF for Integrated Deterrence
6. Another casualty of Russia's war: Some Ukrainians no longer trust their neighbors
7. Why Biden’s Block on Chips to China Is a Big Deal
8. Thinking through the China hype
9. War in Ukraine Likely to Speed, Not Slow, Shift to Clean Energy, I.E.A. Says
10. Inside the Dems’ elaborate attempt to woo TikTok influencers
11. Garry Kasparov Says Rishi Sunak's First Phone Call As UK PM Was To 'The Leader Of The Free World' — It Wasn't Joe Biden
12. Chinese Intel Officers Used Wasabi to Try to Hide Bribery of US Double Agent
13. Could America Win a New World War?
14. Yes, The U.S. Military Is Weak
15. Why Is Wanting Peace in Ukraine a Scary Political Idea?

Korean News Content:

1. West ignorant of what N. Korea really wants: expert
2.  At UN, Seoul's envoy highlights rights abuses in North
3. Episode 2: A history of conflict on the Korean peninsula
4. Loudspeaker broadcasts re-emerge as inter-Korean issue
5. Spy agency official's sudden resignation sparks speculation
6. 10,000 missiles will do
7. Biden still discriminates against Korean cars
8. Top court strikes down guilty verdict for ex-defense minister in political meddling case
9. Chinese envoy to U.S.: Don't meddle with Taiwan
10. The trap of wishful thinking
11. N. Korean nuclear test would constitute a 'grave escalatory action': State Dept.
12.  South Korean Official Calls for Shift in Its Nuclear Policy
13. North Korea tells local governments to solve own power problems with new hydro plants
14. S. Korea Navy to attend Japan’s international fleet review