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10/25/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 10/25/2022 - 9:54am

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (24.10.22) CDS comments on key events

3. Hospitals, banks, schools, petrol pumps – what happens when the electricity is cut off?

4. Rishi Sunak: A quick guide to the UK’s next prime minister

5. U.S. charges Chinese nationals with schemes to steal info, punish critics and recruit spies

6. Russia’s Ukraine Disaster Exposes China’s Military Weakness

7. China Will Fight A Taiwan War On Its Own Terms

8.  3 lessons Taiwan should take from Ukraine’s air war

9. Russia's dirty bomb threat presents new test for US spy agencies

10. Here's what a 'dirty bomb' is and how it fits into Russia's invasion of Ukraine

11. Local Opinion: Changes to military are too radical

12. An Officer Dissents On 'Woke Military' - The American Conservative

13. USOs Across the Country Are Mysteriously Shutting Down

14. Xi needs to talk modestly and carry a bigger (reform) stick

15. U.S.-Saudi Relations Buckle, Driven by Animosity Between Biden and Mohammed bin Salman

16. Mercenary chief vented to Putin over Ukraine war bungling

17. UK’s First Non-white Premier as Onetime Colony’s Offspring Produce New Leaders

18. Three Inquiries, but No Answers to Who Blew Holes in Nord Stream Pipelines

19. Most in US want more action on climate change: AP-NORC poll

20. Globalization Isn’t Dead

21. Ex-UK pilots recruited by China were actually spies for UK: Report

22. AI Tops Proposed Tech Amendments for the 2023 NDAA

23. Democracy Needs a New Sales Pitch

24. Sun Tzu’s advice to Putin

Korean News Content:

1. Expel North Korean diplomats to send a message to Kim Jong Un 

2. North Korea Raises the Nuclear Stakes

3. Trappings of North Korean leader’s lavish lifestyle visible by satellite

4. N. Korea issues nationwide order to recruit additional soldiers

5. Many N. Koreans give up preparing kimchi for the winter citing rising cost of red pepper powder

6. The goal of N. Korea’s missile and nuclear development is to perpetuate the rule of the Kim family…The regime is ignoring the existence of its starving population

7. S.Korea, U.S. Kick off Massive Maritime Exercises in West Sea

8. Thanking S.Korean People for the Gift of a Wall of Remembrance in Washington

9. N. Korea likely to conduct nuclear test, but U.S. prepared for all contingencies: State Dept.

10. U.S. ground forces change main wartime aim in Korea, says JoongAng

11. North fulminates over broadcasts that aren't happening

12. Bracing for the North’s multi-front provocations

13. How Kim could use his nukes

14. US ambassador highlights alliance role in face of 'unprecedented' global threats

15. S. Korea holds bilateral talks with U.S., Japan on N.K. threats amid nuke test speculation