Small Wars Journal

10/22/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 10/22/2022 - 9:23am

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (21.10.22) CDS comments on key events

3. Xi Jinping Expands His Power, Elevating Loyalists, Forcing Out Moderates

4. Former Chinese president Hu Jintao unexpectedly led out of party congress

5. China reaffirms Xi's dominance, removes No. 2 Li Keqiang

6. EXPLAINER: What would retreat from Kherson mean for Russia?

7. Zelenskiy calls on West to warn Russia not to blow up dam

8. "You’ve told us why the Voice, but you haven’t told us what it is"

9. The secret history of America’s tactical nukes

10. Frantic Putin Flexes New War Tactic That Is Mostly Useless

11. Russians in Ukraine preparing to help overthrow Putin—opposition leader

12. IntelBrief: The Evolution of the Online Violent Extremist Landscape

13. China has opened up secret police stations in these countries

14. National cyber strategy possibly 'months' away, Inglis says

15. Heartbreaking details revealed in SEAL team commander's fatal fall from helicopter

16. Xi’s Third Term Is a Gift in Disguise


Korean News Content:

1. Survey: North Koreans still watching South Korean media despite brutal crackdown: survey

2. JCS chief visits U.S. strategic, space commands

3. The wild, wonderful world of North Korean smartphones

4. Large-scale political rallies held in downtown Seoul

5. What North Korea can offer Putin as Russia explores "arrangements"

6.  Survey: North Koreans still watching South Korea media despite brutal crackdown

7. North Korea Lured Japanese by Promising Paradise. Some Escapees Are Now Suing Kim Jong Un—‘We Were Deceived.’

8. Historic year of North Korean missile tests raises Pacific tensions

9. North Korea is a tinderbox. But no one can know what spark might ignite change.

10. US, Japan, S. Korea Officials to Meet in Tokyo Amid Escalating N. Korea Threats

11. Reports Shed New Light on Last Hours of S.Korean Slain by North in 2020

12. American B-1B Bombers Land in Guam to 'Deter Adversaries' and Reassure Allies

13. North Korean police told to improve security nationwide to protect leader Kim Jong Un

14. Fears for Kim Jong Un's safety rock North Korea

15. Information Warfare in north Korea



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