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10/21/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 9:27am

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National Security News Content:

1. Escape from Kabul: Inside the volunteer effort by US troops to rescue their families from Afghanistan
2. 36 officials, including five admirals, face potential discipline over Bonhomme Richard fire
3. Chinese hypersonic missile test unlikely to trigger arms race, experts say
4. ‘Black Hawk Down’ pilot Durant enters Alabama Senate race
5. Top official says cyber operations are ‘not just about the systems’
6. Israel and South Korea to boost collaboration on loitering munitions
7. It’ll Take More than American Military Might to Shore Up Taiwan by John Bolton
8. Colin L. Powell Embodied the American Dream
9. The Army is getting great power competition all wrong
10. A General Who Failed in War Assesses Risk
11. Why is Trump undermining his administration's historic China policies?
12. Border Patrol arrests at highest level ever: report
13. FDD | What Iran Has Learned From Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle
14. China 'Not An Olympian Power': Presumptive China Ambassador 'Confident' In US
15. The New Cold War – America, China, and the Echoes of History
16. The FBI searched properties in Washington and New York linked to a Russian oligarch
17. What that one scene in 'Saving Private Ryan' teaches us about complaining in the military
18. Soldier who helped secure Kabul airport with Toyota technical traded for dip gets promoted
19. The accused spy knew stealth was crucial from his work on submarines. He surfaced anyway.

Korean News Content:

1. Pyongyang tells Washington to chill out over SLBM test
2. Ex-USFK Chief Warns of N.Korea's Submarine-Launched Missile
3. S. Korea can thwart North’s rudimentary SLBM’: defense minister
4.  North Korea cracks down on senior citizen gatherings to stymie criticism
5. S. Korea fails to put dummy satellite into orbit
6. North Korea claims latest missile test didn’t target US
7. US, Europe condemn N Korea ballistic missile launch at UN
8. N. Korea unlikely to reject humanitarian aid from Seoul, Washington: ministry official
9. Kim Jong Un orders security agency to avoid "excessive" surveillance of N. Koreans in border regions
10. Gen. Burwell Bell’s statement on the danger of premature declaration of end of the Korean War
11. U.S. to North Korea: It's Time for Sustained, Substantive Talks
12. Kim Jong-un ordered brother’s assassination ‘because he was working with South Korean intelligence’
13. U.S. remains consistently open to dialogue with N. Korea: Psaki
14. UN Ambassador calls for sanctions on North Korea after missile tests
15. Twitter bans DPRK News, famous parody account mocking North Korea's furious yet florid news agency