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10/20/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 9:25am

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National Security News Content:

1. Taiwan's Special Operations Forces
2. GW to Offer Hacking for Defense Course This Spring
3. Big Tech fails to stand with America against China
4. 'The grim reaper for the enemy': CIA's 'legendary' Iran chief forced to retire
5.  China’s Hypersonic Test Raises Questions About US Missile Defense, Deterrence
6. Iran Won’t Stop Until It Has a Nuclear Weapon
7.  Al Qaeda field commander reported killed in Mali
8. Analysis: Islamic State confirms Sahelian leader’s death, criticizes Al Qaeda
9. Why China’s Hypersonic Missile Tests Are So Concerning
10. Taiwan says odds of war with China in next year 'very low'
11. There's a good reason why this Air Force general only wears 3 ribbons on his dress uniform
12.  Pentagon Personnel Costs at Historic High
13. NATO in the Far East: Containing the Red Dragon
14. The Weakness in the U.S.' Understanding of Taiwan
15. The Nobel Peace Prize and Free Speech in the Philippines
16. Afghanistan and the Future of US Foreign Policy
17. Why the Pentagon Should Abandon ‘Strategic Competition’
18. US admits Pentagon doesn’t know how to defend against China’s hypersonic missiles
19. 30 State Department Nominees, Including NATO Ambassador, Advance To Full Senate
20. The Thing: How the KGB used kids to plant a bug in the US embassy

Korean News Content:

1. Moon says S. Korea seeks strong defense capability to ensure peace
2. N. Korea's SLBM drive aimed at regime survival, military edge, negotiation leverage: analysts
3.  North Korea Missile Claim
4. North Korea hails a ‘successful’ SLBM test from submarine
5. N. Korean threat won't change even after end-of-war declaration: ex-USFK chief
6. Kim’s missile launch shakes up end-of-war talks
7. North Korea's missile launch leads to U.N. Security Council emergency meeting
8. US remains prepared to engage with DPRK after missile test: White House
9. FM Chung says N. Korea sanctions relief can be an option if it accepts dialogue offer
10. New Short-Range Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Tested By North Korea (Updated)
11. N. Korea plans to send around 1,000 workers to Russia as loggers
12. N Korea rattles from walking skeletons, not sabers
13. Reducing the Role of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Could Let North Korea Off Easy
14. It’s Time for Biden to End the Korean War
15. Two Koreas showcase weapons tech despite attempts for talks
16. Netflix’s Squid Game savagely satirises our money-obsessed society – but it’s capitalism that is the real winner