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10/15-16/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 10/16/2023 - 11:14am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 14, 2023
2. Iran Update, October 14, 2023
3. A War Like No Other: Israel Will Fight Hamas in 6 Dimensions
4. Opinion | Why Israel Is Acting This Way
5. PolitiFact - Why do Americans have to pay for a State Department evacuation from Israel? It’s the law
6. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 15, 2023
7. Wall Street Journal reporters split over Iran story
8. Iran Update, October 15, 2023
9. China's Military Decision-making in Times of Crisis and Conflict
10. Special Operations News - October 16, 2023 | SOF News
11. Opinion | The U.S. Can Still Avoid War With China Over Taiwan
12. ‘Everything you see is live’ as CENTCOM shifts to digital tools
13.  How Israel Can Win: Defeating Hamas Will Require a Strategy That Goes Beyond Revenge By Audrey Kurth Cronin
14. A Short Story Anthology For The Joint Special Operations Community
15. Biden administration seeks emergency aid package for both Israel and Ukraine.
16. Russia releases four Ukrainian children after mediation by Qatar
17.  A Major Pivot in Hamas Strategy
18.War Books, Harding Project Special Edition: On Writing
19. What Friends Owe Friends
20. “IF” (Israel and Hamas)
21. Experts weigh in on lessons Taiwan should learn from Israel-Hamas war
22. Hamas Distributed A Handy Guide To Destroying Israeli Tanks
23. Army deploys more troops to secure Basilan for upcoming elections
24. How America Can Beat China in a War
25. This Country Has the Most American Military Bases
26. A Coalition Against Atrocity in the Middle East Can Also Undermine China

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. envoy voices concern over China's forced repatriation of N. Korean defectors
2. N. Korea-China border bridge shows increased activity: 38 North
3. Increased Activity on the Sino-North Korean “Bridge to Nowhere”
4. U.S. strategic bomber B-52 to arrive in S. Korea this week |
5. S. Korea, U.S. vow tighter coordination after suspected N.K. arms transfer to Russia
6. S. Korea, U.S. to sign agreement on strengthening defense supply chains this month: DAPA
7. Russia's foreign minister to visit N. Korea on Oct. 18-19: KCNA
8. Homegrown fighter jet KF-21 makes public debut at Seoul defense exhibition
9. Fearing China, South Korea targets firms building Taiwan navy submarines
10. S. Korea joins ICRC's major donor group for 1st time
11. Criticism mounts on Beijing after repatriation of North Koreans
12. US, South Korea confront China on North Korean human rights
13. <Inside N. Korea> A recent report on conditions at farms (1) The harvest is better than last year, but lack of materials remains a serious problem
14. Russia does not violate UN sanctions against NK: Russian diplomat
15. [Top Envoy] Russian satellite help not likely priority for North Korea: Chun
16. N. Korea slams Japan's plan to move up US missile purchase as 'arrogant choice'
17. F-22, B-52 warm up for Seoul's largest-ever air show
18. Why Only 2 K-Pop Idols Ever Have Served Their Military Service In The KATUSA Unit
19. At America’s Largest Overseas Military Base, Tension Ratchets Up With the Outbreak of War in the Middle East