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10/14/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 10/14/2022 - 9:32am

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National Security News Content:


2. Ukraine: CDS Daily brief (13.10.22) CDS comments on key events

3. China accuses US of 'Cold War thinking' in security strategy

4. Helsinki Commission Recommends Kicking Russia Off U.N. Security Council

5. Opn Gothic Serpent and the Search for the Missing | SOF News

6. Will Xi’s Paranoia Defeat Him?

7. Integrated By Design: Building a Partner Air Force

8. Russia, under pressure in southern Ukraine, captures villages in east

9. Musk says SpaceX cannot fund Ukraine's Starlink internet indefinitely

10. Is the military too ‘woke’ to recruit?

11. Corrupt Contractor Orchestrated Chinese Counterfeiting Scheme

12. Lockheed Martin Laser Breakthroughs Could Signal A Turning Point For Missile Defense

13. How TikTok ate the internet

14. Army advisor brigade ramps up Pacific partners’ military effectiveness

15. Woke Army or Woe Army: What really happened in the social media controversy rocking the force?

16. US firepower showcased in Philippine joint combat drills

17. Ukraine’s Starlink problems show the dangers of digital dependency

18. FDD | New Terrorist Group on the Rise in the West Bank

19. FDD | Latest Ransomware Attack on U.S. Healthcare System Exposes Critical Weaknesses

20. Why Marine Corps forces are becoming less relevant to combatant commanders

21. China Censors ‘Beijing’ After Rare Protest in City Against Xi

22. Civilians Will Choose the Marine Corps’ Future—and Soon

23. The Army Can Predict When Some Leaders Are at Risk of Misconduct

24. Rare protest against China's Xi Jinping days before Communist Party congress

25. How Ukrainian Strategy Is Running Circles Around Russia’s Lumbering Military

Korean News Content:

1. It’s time to take Kim Jong Un and his nuclear threats seriously

2. N. Korea fires 1 short-range ballistic missile, about 170 artillery shots: S. Korean military

3. Moscow–Pyongyang cooperation remains muted

4. S. Korea slaps its first unilateral sanctions on N. Korea in 5 years over nuke, missile threats

5. NSC lambasts North Korea’s overnight provocations

6. Nearly dozen N. Korean military aircraft identified flying near inter-Korean air boundary: JCS

7. N.Korea Diversifies Nuke Warhead Delivery System

8. Reasons for S. Korea’s loss of UN Human Rights Council membership

9. South Korea scrambles jets as Kim Jong Un sends warplanes near border

10. North Korea Conducts Overnight Ballistic Missile Launch

11. Why a light aircraft carrier is a good idea

12. The nuclear umbrella is really needed now

13. What is behind North Korea's rising belligerence?

14. South Korea prefers US ‘strategic assets’ to nuclear weapons, senior official says

15. It’s Time to Accept That North Korea Has Nuclear Weapons

16. North Korea still far away from tactical strike ability, experts say

17. Even a small nuclear test by North Korea would be a big US worry