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10/11/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 10/11/2023 - 7:08am

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National Security News Content:

1. The Army’s new chief has a plan and it’s all about warfighting

2. The fate of Army Special Operations Forces

3. Change of plans: US Army embraces lessons learned from war in Ukraine

4. Israeli strikes demolish entire Gaza neighborhoods as sealed-off territory faces imminent blackout

5. Beijing wants to be a peace broker in the Middle East. How has it responded to the Israel-Gaza war?

6. ‘As long as it takes’: US Army doubles down on Ukraine training goals

7. US may send second aircraft carrier toward Israel

8. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 10, 2023

9. Taiwan neighbors oppose US cutting Taipei support

10. China Doesn’t Get It

11. The End of America’s Exit Strategy in the Middle East

12. Israel’s Intelligence Disaster

13. What the Israel-Palestine Conflict Means for China-US Competition

14. Ukraine Situation Report: Kyiv Brace For Unprecedented Winter Drone War

15. How to Avoid a Second Front Between Israel and Hizballah

16. What Happened to Iron Dome? A Lesson on the Limits of Technology at War

17. Israel's War With Hamas Will Ripple Across the Region and the West

18. A new American strategy for Ukraine BY MICHAEL O’HANLON

19. Ukraine fatigue unlikely to reach Japan anytime soon

20. How the green beret became the symbol of US Army Special Forces

Korean News Content:

1. Surprise Attack on Israel Offers Lesson for Korea

2. Unification minister sees need to review military threats in deciding halt to 2018 accord with N. Korea

3. Unification ministry says to monitor conditions to resume humanitarian aid to N. Korea

4. S. Korea to hold int'l defense exhibition next week

5. Defense chief inspects unit overseeing anti-artillery operations to check readiness against N.K. threats

6. South Korea, U.S., Japan conduct first trilateral maritime interdiction drill in 7 years

7. It’s time to tighten our security (ROK)

8. Israel-Hamas conflict could nudge N. Korean issue onto back burner: experts

9. Pyongyang virtually nullified inter-Korean military pact: unification minister

10. Forgotten captives in North Korea

11. Kim Jong Un orders harsh punishment of violators of anti-reactionary thought law

12. <Inside N. Korea> The Kim Jong-un regime resumes public executions…Man executed in late September in Yanggang Province for stealing medicine

13. Is US reliable ally? (For the ROK)

14. Hamas fighters may be using North Korean weapons, experts say

15. S Korean voting system ‘vulnerable’ to N Korean hacking: spy agency

16. 'Asian NATO': Brought to you by South Korean repression

17. N. Korea’s trade ministry orders establishment of “emergency trade system” to acquire food

18. The Crimes Behind the Seafood You Eat