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10/10/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 10/10/2023 - 6:44am

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National Security News Content:

1. Israel Was Prepared for a Different War
2. CNN Boss Mark Thompson to Staff: Network Is ‘Nowhere Near Ready for the Future’
3. The Gaza Strip and its history, explained
4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 9, 2023
5. Iran Update, October 9, 2023
6. Hamas received weapons and training from Iran, officials say
7. The Israel-Hamas War Is Drowning X in Disinformation
8.'Menu of options': What the Ford carrier strike group brings to Israel's defense
9. In wake of Hamas attack, Israel may have to change intel, tech strategy
10. Wake Up, Washington
11. US Army moves to pre-position materials in Pacific
12. Potential flash points for World War 3 – an analysis
13. Hamas’s Global Test for Biden
14.U.S. Can't Easily Meet Israel's Requests for Ammo, Official Says 
15. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A chronology
16. Vietnam tried to hack U.S. officials, CNN with posts on X, probe finds
17. Change of plans: US Army embraces lessons learned from war in Ukraine
18. US Weaves web of intelligence links in Asia
19. Israel’s Intelligence Failure
20. Israel’s 9/11? How Hamas Terrorist Attacks Will Change the Middle East
21. There Is No Consensus on American Decline in Beijing

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea defends military spy satellite as 'indispensable strategic option'
2. S. Korea vows high-level follow-up talks with U.S., Japan for stronger trilateral cooperation
3. Defense minister vows to push for suspension of 2018 inter-Korean military accord
4. N. Korea touts Kim's leadership on 78th founding anniversary of ruling party
5. Most S.Koreans Believe N.Korea Could Attack Any Time
6. Satellite pics show spike in rail activity at NKorea-Russia border
7. N. Korea blames Israel for conflict with Hamas
8. Election watchdog's cybersecurity system vulnerable to hacking attacks: NIS
9. Some N. Korean restaurant workers return home amid broader repatriation drive
10. Assessing North Korea’s Nuclear Intentions
11. US carrier Ronald Reagan to visit South Korea in show of force
12. International Forum on One Korea Examines Peace and Security, Regional Economic Development, and Support for Korean Unification
13. The dignity of nations (South Korea and Poland)
14. North could replicate Hamas's strategy to attack South
15. Seoul urged to boost readiness against Hamas-like NK ambush
16. NK news agency says 'important report' is coming up
17. Former UNC, USFK soldiers to visit Korea upon invitation of veterans ministry
18. Foreign Minister Park Jin reaffirms confidence in Indo-Pacific strategy