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War is Boring


War is Boring is a national security blog run by David Axe that covers everything “from drones to AKs, high technology to low politics”. Beginning in 2007, Axe began writing a web comic called War is Boring. The comic chronicled Axe’s often darkly humorous observations of the places and conflicts he covered. The web comic was later adapted into a graphic novel that expanded these stories into a larger narrative.

The name “War is Boring” was intended to be somewhat ironic, but also an observation that much of warfare is about politics, paperwork and logistics more than it is about actual combat. Axe continued to use the name War is Boring for his personal blog, which became an expansion of the brand. As the website’s popularity grew, Axe began publishing posts and articles by other writers with an interest in war and national security. It eventually gained the attention of mainstream media sources.

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