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Thomas A. Drohan


Dr. Thomas A. Drohan, Director of International Center for Security and Leadership (ICSL), is a retired U.S. Air Force brigadier general and professor emeritus of military and strategic studies, USAF Academy. His 38-year career as a pilot and permanent professor included operational campaigns and commands, undergraduate and graduate-level teaching, and educational leadership. His academic experience includes B.S. degree with honors (USAF Academy), East West Center scholar and M.A. in political science (University of Hawaii), Ph.D. in politics (Princeton University), Council on Foreign Relations fellowship in Japan, mentor at the National Military Academy of Afghanistan, visiting scholar at the Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies), dean of the United Arab Emirates National Defense College, and 26 years of teaching. He is the author of American-Japanese Security Agreements (McFarland & Co., 2007) and A New Strategy for Complex Warfare (Cambria Press, 2016). He publishes on security strategy and learning methods.

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