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The Journal of Culture, Language and International Security


The Journal of Culture, Language and International Security (JCLIS) is published twice a year to share a comprehensive body of professional knowledge on research, the development of learning programs and application of culture and language considered critical to the future of US military and other United States Government agencies strategy and missions.  

JCLIS undergirds this effort by providing a venue to reach a wide audience of those who are interested in promoting the advancement of understanding the significance of culture and language in the 21st century security arena. This, web-based journal provides an opportunity for a wide range of academics, practitioners, and students to explore theories, share research, and discuss trends linking international security to bodies of knowledge in culture and language. The intended audience includes policy and decision makers, military and non-military academics, professionals and students, as well as others engaged in efforts to ensure a better understanding of the complex factors at play in a dynamic and uncertain global environment.

The journal welcomes submissions at this critical intersection of field of inquiry, focus of theory and application, and intent of practice that will facilitate the development of approaches to international security informed by knowledge of culture and language that is valid, representative and sustainable. JCLIS solicits work from an array of related fields such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, area studies, criminal justice, international relations, political science, economics, linguistics, education, second language acquisition and more, and encourages submissions with interdisciplinary perspectives.

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