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STAND-TO! is the "Official Focus of the U.S. Army," contains a daily focus of news, information, and context for today's Army. It has a mission focus of providing a broad, objective view of the Army and current Army operations, doctrine and programs.

STAND-TO! plays a critical role in the U.S. Army Office of the Chief of Public Affairs' strategic process to communicate Army relevant issues. Launched on October 7, 2004, STAND-TO! now has more than 11,000 subscribers, including all general officers, senior executive civilians, and command sergeants major. Anyone can subscribe. Information contained in STAND-TO! is unclassified and cleared for release. Sources include publicly available, authoritative Army documents as well as input from the Army Staff and major Army commands.

One-page in length, it features a focus issue, quotes from senior leaders, news relating to the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense, views from around the world, as well as blogs containing the opinion of Army Soldiers, Army families, veterans and media. Internet links provided in STAND-TO! lead to both Army and external online resources. See the "External Links Disclaimer" for more information on Army policy concerning external links.

STAND-TO! a strategic communication email instrument, effectively disseminates information to its audience. STAND-TO! reaches audience at a higher rate than both the government and industry standard rate for similar instruments.

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