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Robert Alan Murphy


Robert Alan Murphy is a retired US Army Infantry Officer and Strategist. He commanded a rifle company and served as a division chief of plans in combat in Iraq. He has served as a strategist and military assistant in the Offices of the Army Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense. He is currently a strategy consultant serving clients in the National Security sector. Patrolled with an ‘elite’ Russian unit while in Kosovo in 1999, he interacted frequently with Russian soldiers and their leadership. It formed an enduring, negative perception of Russian military professionalism. He found their officers to be pathologically deceitful, unjustifiably proud, and boastful in the manner of a deeply insecure teenager. He found Russian soldiers were starving, poorly equipped and completely incapable of thinking for themselves unless it involved planning or executing the theft of food, alcohol, or cigarettes. Both officers and men were drunk more often than sober, unhealthily groomed and hostile to all their foreign partners.

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