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Rajeev Gundur


R. V. Gundur, PhD is a criminologist based in Scotland. He holds a doctorate in criminology from Cardiff University, where he was an ESRC scholar; an MSc in Criminology Research Methods from the University of Oxford; an MA in International Relations from the Australian National University, where he was a Hedley Bull Scholar; and a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Tulane University. His areas of expertise include illicit enterprise, gangs, and cybercrime. His work has appeared in reports published by the European Union and the City of London Corporation, and he has been published in several academic journals including Urban Affairs Review; Deviant Behavior; Crime, Law and Social Change; Trends in Organized Crime; Global Crime, and International Criminal Justice Review. He is the author of Trying to Make It: The Enterprises, Gangs, and People of the American Drug Trade, on Cornell University Press.

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