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Oscar L. Ware


Dr. Oscar L. Ware is a course developer at Joint Special Operations University and is a dynamic and accomplished professional with more than 26 years of Special Operations military service. Dr. Ware’s educational credentials include a Doctorate in Public Health, specializing in Epidemiology focusing on research into preventable deaths in combat. He has research experience utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Additionally, he has earned a Master’s of Science in Health Administration and a Bachelor of Science, with a Minor in Biology. Currently, Dr. Ware is the Course Manager for the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Foundations Course in Tampa, Florida. While on active duty, Dr. Ware served as a Special Forces Medic, Special Forces Team Sergeant, Special Forces Medical Instructor, Dive Medical Technician (DMT), Senior Enlisted Medical Advisor to the United States Army Special Forces Command (USASFC), and the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Surgeons, and the NCOIC for AFRICOM’s TSOC (SOCAFRICA) J33. While assigned in the CENTCOM AOR, Dr. Ware conducted over 40 Sensitive Site Exploitations operations in support of the GWOT; in the AFRICOM AOR Dr. Ware conducted several JCETs to support the initial phases of Operation Enduring Freedom–Trans Sahara in support of Africa Commands State-led interagency initiatives in Tombouctou and Bamako, Mali. Dr. Ware also served as a medical advisor on the EUCOM Situational and Assessment Team (ESAT) for Non-Combatant Evacuation Contingency Operations to Chad. He served as a Joint Commissioned Observer (JCO) in Bosnia Herzegovina (Brcko, Sarajevo, and Bugojno) which prevented Bosnian Serb violence against SFOR soldiers.  


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