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Onambele Mendouga Guy Hervé


Chef de Bataillon Onambele M. Guy Hervé


D. Controller and Inspector General of the Rapid Intervention Battalions



Major Onambele Mendouga Guy Hervé is a graduate of the College of International Security Affairs War College at the National Defense University of Washington DC with a Master degree of Art in strategic security studies.


Current assignment: Major Guy Herve Onambele Mendouga is the acting controller and inspector general of the BIR since 01 April 2019.  As the inspector general at a division level, he is responsible to provide impartial, objective and unbiased advice and oversight to the BIR commander through relevant, timely and thorough inspection, assistance, investigations, training and readiness. He is responsible for the morale of the troops and advises the Commander on any issue.


Previous assignments: Prior to his assignment at the Office of the Inspector General, Major Onambele Mendouga Guy Herve served as the Deputy Chief of Staff in charge of logistics, G-4, BIR Headquarters (division level) between 2014-2019. 


Earlier Career : Major Onambele Mendouga Guy Herve joined the service on 15 September 2004. He graduated from the Cameroon Military Academy and joined the BIR (Cameroon special forces) in 2007.

He served his lieutenant years as an instructor in the BIR training center in the west region of Cameroon.

In 2009, he worked as a company commander at the Logistic Support Battalion and later as Battalion S-4 in support to the fight against the piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.


Following the Superior Course of Special Operations Officer in Guangzhou (China) in 2014, he was assigned to BIR Headquarters at the G4 office to help in supporting the operations against Boko Haram.  


In 2016, he attended the Institute of Security and Cooperation Studies (Dayton, Ohio/USA) in the framework of the cooperation with the US partners. He successfully completed the Security Cooperation Management International Purchaser Financial and Logistics Management International Course.


While assigned next to support all the BIR battalions across the country at the strategic level, he joined the Army Logistics University (Fort Lee, Virginia/USA) in 2018.


He has received many decorations among which The Medal of Valor.


Major Onambele Mendouga Guy Herve holds another Master’s Degree in History (Option International Relations) from the University of Yaoundé and  is also completing, since 2018, a Phd at the same university on the subject:  “The BIR facing the problem of national defense and the fight against cross-border crime in Cameroon between 1999 and 2018 - Historical analysis”.

He is married and love soccer, tennis, music, travelling and reading. Additionally, he speaks French, English and Italian. Above all, discovery is his passion.



Tel: 00 237 6 97 79 39 83





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