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Michael D. Phillips


Mike Phillips is JMark's President and Chief Executive Officer, and a member of the Board of Directors. In that role, he implements JMark's strategic vision and goals, drives corporate growth and success, heads a dynamic leadership team, and ensures JMark's continued expansion in national and global markets. Since 2010, Mr. Phillips has spearheaded JMark's investment in innovation, advanced education and training technologies, and highly skilled talent, reshaping its portfolio toward mission-critical solutions. The company is now positioned in the defense, intelligence, civil, and global commercial markets as a leader in advanced learning techniques and applications and key technology differentiators that have driven significant revenue and earnings growth in recent years. Mr. Phillips has implemented major strategic initiatives, including the development and establishment of the International Center for Security and Leadership (ICSL) that JMark leads and integrates with other national think tanks such as the Council of Foreign Relations and the USAF Academy. At JMark's helm, Mr. Phillips steers the entire corporate team toward its redefined goal: Empowering people, Transforming Minds, and Ensuring Success.

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