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Girisanker SB


Girisanker is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Canadian, US, and Latin American Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. His research interests include International Relations theories, drug policy, non-traditional security, insurgency, organised crime, and democracy. He has presented his research findings at the academic conferences hosted by University of Qatar, the University of Toledo, and the University of Kansas. He has been awarded the prestigious InSc Young Researchers Award in 2020. His research has been published in Scopus-indexed journals of Taylor and Francis, such as the Journal of Democracy and Security, Textile Cloth and Culture, and the Springer Encyclopaedia of Populism. He also contributes as a columnist to the Modern Diplomacy Journal and Diplomatist. Girisanker holds Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in International Relations from esteemed institutions in India, Christ University and Central University of Kerala.

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