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Edward J. Perkins


Dr. Edward J. Perkins currently serves as Senior Research Scientist (ST) in Environmental Networks and Genetic Toxicology in the U.S. Army ERDC, Environmental Laboratory. Dr Perkins received his PhD at Washington State University where he investigated the molecular biology of 2,4-D degradation by Alcaligenes eutrophus JMP4. Prior to joining ERDC, Dr Perkins worked in development of transgenic plants for phytoremediation and molecular measures of soil quality.  Dr. Perkins joined the ERDC Environmental Laboratory in 1996 where he established a genetics research lab. His research focuses on using biological networks and systems biology to understand chemical impacts on animals, bioinspired approaches for novel materials, the use of gene expression to monitor adverse environmental impacts, the use of environmental DNA to monitor invasive species, and the effect of military activities on genetic viability of threatened and endangered species on Department of Defense lands. His current work focuses on development and application of new tools and approaches for chemical hazard assessment in addition to understanding complexity and function in biological systems.  Dr. Perkins has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers.

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