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Driss Ghali


Driss is a young author who writes in Portuguese and French. Born in Morocco 37 years ago, Driss comes from a family with a strong military and public service background. His grandfather fought in WWII with the Allied Forces and his dad served in the Air Force (in former USA SAC bases in Morocco). At the age of 20, Driss won a merit scholarship offered by the French Foreign Office to attract foreign talent to France. He graduated in Business Administration and Technology Management and spent around twelve years working in Sales and Corporate Development in the telecom industry.

An accomplished writer, Driss has won the Concours Général (the most prestigious academic competition in France) for his piece of prose in Arabic (1998). The NY Times was so kind as to publish in its print version two short comments by Driss on Progress in North Africa (2006) and Risks of Moderate Islam (2007). A French mainstream editor (Editions L’Harmattan) has expressed an interest in publishing Driss’ essay on the internal struggles tearing apart Arab civilization (expected in the second half of 2016). Driss has also written two novels in Portuguese, the first is a love-story, the second is set in a fictitious country in West Africa where an insurgency breaks out (under the pseudonym: Ali Perez).

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