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Christopher K. Tucker


Dr. Christopher K. Tucker thinks and works at the intersection of technology, strategy, geography, and national security.  Tucker is Chairman of the American Geographical Society, where he launched Geography2050 a multi-year strategic dialog about the vital trends that will reshape the geography of our planet over the coming decades. Tucker serves, or has served on a variety of other private sector, government, and non-profit boards including the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, the Defense Science Board Intelligence Task Force, the DNI’s Intelligence Community Strategic Studies Group (ICSSG), the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Technical Advisory Group, served as an NGA Independent Advisor, and served on the National Academy of Science’s Committee on NGA’s GEOINT Research Priorities. Tucker was founding chief strategic officer of In-Q-Tel, He has a B.A., M.A. and PhD from Columbia University. He  is the author of A Planet of 3 Billion, and spends his abundant spare time working to bend the global population curve, to save our planet and our species from climate catastrophe, ecological annihilation, and ongoing threats to human security through empowering strategies toward women and girls.  His Twitter is @PLANETucker.


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